There is an App for That! Exploring the Best Apps for Teaching and Student Learning

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There is an App for That! Exploring the Best Apps for Teaching and Student Learning

Concept by: Lorenzo Gaspari



This course has been created for teachers who want to integrate educational apps into their teaching practice. Apps are an essential part of the 21st century classroom and provide many opportunities for higher level thinking in classrooms. 

Participants will discover some of the most popular and practical educational apps for teaching and student learning across a wider range of subjects.  They will learn how to properly integrate these apps in the classroom as a tool to support their learning.  Participants will also learn the concept of app smashing and how it can enhance their teaching and student learning.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to confidently integrate a variety of apps into their lesson plans.  They will have a greater understanding of app integration in both academic and non-academic settings as well as be able to use app smashing in projects.

Learning Outcomes

The course will help the participants to:

  • Use different educational apps in class, providing students with the best learning experience. 
  • Acquire a general overview of the many educational possibilities of using educational apps and the motivational dimension brought to the classroom when using them. 
  • Be able to choose the most suitable ones according to students’ needs. 
  • Master of social media, games and quiz apps. 
  • Foster students’ creativity and improve studying techniques using apps. 
  • Apps to structure information, to better analyze, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas.


  • Teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs);
  • Teacher trainers;
  • Careers officers;
  • Headteachers;
  • Principals;
  • Managers of schools.

Head teacher of ICT Courses: Iacopo Falciani

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Reviews about this course

Well organised course that provides tools for stimulating students’ creativity and improving studying techniques using apps. The teacher Bülent Dönmez is very competent, friendly and helpful. One of the best courses I have ever attended!

Slavka Borislavova

The course was really great, hands-on activities. Lots of ideas which one can use at school with their students. I really recommend this course!

Krzysztof Sujkowski

I thoroughly enjoyed my study week at Europass Academy in Florence. Our teacher / instructor Lorenzo Gaspari has done an outstanding job to cater for the individual needs of the eight participants from four different countries who have come from various teaching environments. (…) Besides his outstanding interpersonal skills – he is highly professional in his teaching approach. He always came well prepared to class and followed a clear concept through to the end.

Uwe Münster

Πολύ αξιόπιστος πάροχος. Ακόμα και αν δεν γίνει κάποιο σεμινάριο, εύκολα θα σας βρούνε εναλλακτική. Το συγκεκριμένο σεμινάριο ήταν αντάξιο των στόχων. Επιπλέον προσφέρουν ξενάγηση της πόλης και μια εκδρομή εκτός Δουβλίνου, ώστε ο κάθε εκπαιδευόμενος να πάρει και μια ιδέα από την κουλτούρα και την ιστορία της χώρας.

Theodorou Michael

In this course many very helpful apps and programs have been explained that will enrich my school life. the contents were conveyed very clearly understandable, thank you very much!

Esther Wolz

It was a very well organized course. I learn about all the current innovation of the ICT apps in the classroom and school

Eleni Vliora

It was a fun, interactive and very interesting training. Our teacher was passionate, attentive and available.

Marina Bohbot

Best Teacher Training Course I’ve ever completed

Susanna Zülch


Every teacher should have a chance to have such experience of learning, sightseeing and meeting great people. Thank you!

Małgorzata Szwabowicz


Best teacher Training Course I’ve ever completed

Susanna Zülch

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