Course Topic: Flipped Classroom

The Flipped classroom is a type of blended learning, a new strategy that changes traditional learning.

Created with the aim of increasing student engagement and making school time more productive, the flipped classroom involves taking part in activities that would be traditionally set for homework in the classroom and learning the concepts at home, making learning more active and interactive.


Classroom Management Solutions for Teachers: New Methodologies, Effective Motivation, Cooperation and Evaluation Strategies

Explore the latest classroom management techniques that promote discussion and problem-solving. Gain familiarity with concepts such as the flipped classroom and other teaching methods aimed at enhancing motivation.

21st Century Skills for Teachers and Students

Discover new methods to help enable, learn and familiarise you and your students about modern 21st century practices which will be useful in nowadays’ education and also serve for future purposes in jobs too.

Effective Pedagogies for 21st-Century Learning

Learn how to embrace new pedagogical practices to effectively promote the acquisition of soft skills in mainstream education. Explore practical know-how on four fundamental student-centered approaches.

Flipped Classroom

Develop a full understanding of the flipped classroom strategy, a pedagogical model that reverses the mainstream lecture-and-homework structure of a course. Learn how to integrate this model into the classroom to promote active learning.

Student-Centered Education: Making Learning Exciting and Long Lasting

Identify strategies to help students develop key competencies for nowadays’ challenges: autonomy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Create a student-centered environment for many learning modalities and styles.

Online Education: Blended, Remote, and Hybrid Learning

Discover the fundamentals of blended and remote teaching and learning and learn about various ICT tools that can be useful in online education. Explore an array of effective icebreakers and group activities.