Tenerife and Surroundings

Tenerife is largely divided into three climatic areas: the hot South, with a peculiar contrast between country villages in the mountains and the range of tourist accommodation and magnificent beaches on the coast; the greener North combines stunning landscapes with Tenerife’s most genuine gastronomy and hidden corners. And the Metropolitan Area, consisting of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and San Cristobal de La Laguna, colindante cities referent for the Island’s cultural, commercial and business life. This is where our teacher academy courses are held.

6 Best Things to Do in Tenerife

1) Hang out on the beach!

The island’s most famous beach: Las Teresitas is only a short bus ride away. Perfect for those free afternoons!

2) History and culture

Conquests, traditions, migrations, volcanic eruptions… The history of Tenerife is riddled with highly significant, fascinating events and characters. To learn about the Island’s historic legacy and in order to understand its current life, its culture and its people, visit the Museum of Nature, Archeology and Mankind in Santa Cruz. Find out more about this, and the many other local museums here: https://www.museosdetenerife.org/

3) Candelaria

When the Canary people themselves want to go for a daytrip, where do they choose? Visiting The Virgin de Candelaria in her beach-front cathedral is a popular choice. Candelaria , 15 minutes away from the capital city, is a curious mix of pilgrimage location, market town and beach resort. It celebrates not only the island’s patron saint, but also Guanche heritage, with a series of notable sculptures of their forebear leaders.

4) Hiking in the Anaga mountains

You can escape the city quite quickly, in order to discover a completely different pace of life in the Anaga Bio reserve. Hiking paths, traversing ancient cloud-forest, lead down through agricultural terraces, to the sea.

5) UNESCO World Heritage Site city, La Laguna.

Yes, the cathedrals, historic buildings and plazas in La Laguna are amazing, but most people wander round the pedestrian streets to look at the small, independent shops. Stop for a barraquito coffee at a terrace bar and watch the world go by, before visiting the market in Plaza del Cristo to wonder at the range of local fruit and cheeses. Would you have guessed there are over 30 different varieties of sweet potato grown in Tenerife?

6) Santa Cruz > Opera and botanical gardens

Can’t decide between the opera, the pool or the botanical gardens? These three marvellous distractions lie side by side in Santa Cruz. Will you have the energy to see and do it all?

Our Cultural Activities

Our guided tour of Santa Cruz or La Laguna

On arrival in a new city, it’s always nice to have someone to show you around. As well as taking in some of the sights and flavours of the town, we will share some local knowledge and practical tips to help you find your way around. One city tour is included as part of your course.

The full-day excursion in Mount Teide National park

Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spanish territory and the jewel in the crown of the national park.

The road up to the national park is an adventure in itself: Offering spectacular views, the road winds through the clouds and out into the sunshine on the other side! We’ll take a little mini-bus to allow us to stop off whenever it takes our fancy. Weather and personal fitness allowing, we will take an hours’ walk through this amazing volcanic landscape to admire the weird rock formations and wonder at the geology.

On the way down, we will stop off in the pine forest to enjoy how the locals have converted a volcanic crater into a play park and picnic site in the woods

About the Training Centre in Tenerife

Your course will be held in:

  • La Laguna – for July and August courses only 
    Calle Herradores, 1, 38201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna
  • Santa Cruz – for all the other courses
    Language Campus, Santa Cruz, Calle Alcalde Josė Emilio Garcia Gómez, 7, 38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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