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1 | Enrollment

How to apply

Applications must be made on our website. Once you have submitted your registration, we will verify the availability of the course and respond to you with the course confirmation and payment information or propose alternatives. If the course session you have selected is fully booked or does not have enough participants, we will propose alternatives.

Who can apply?

Our courses are designed for Teachers, Principals, and School Staff, but they are open to anyone.

Our trainings are fully fundable by Erasmus+ Key Action 1. You can register either with an Erasmus grant, other funding or if you are paying for the course yourself.

If you plan to apply for the Erasmus grant, or you are still waiting for grant results, please do not complete the enrolment form yet, but get in touch through our contact form or by email, if needed.

If you need guidance on how the Erasmus+ program works, you can either have a look at our blog article “The Erasmus+ Programme: A Step-by-Step Guide” or attend our online course “The Erasmus+ Programme Made Easy“.

Are there any language restrictions?

Most of our courses are suitable for participants with a B1 English level. Exceptions may be made according to the Academies’ discretion.

Language courses are also available for attendees with lower levels.

I need a Visa. Will you send me supporting Visa documents?

Yes, upon request we may provide you with the documentation requested. For any information about your Visa, you can check the official Foreign Ministry website.

If your Visa is denied, you must send us a written refusal from the authority with the reason for the denial.

Cancellation due to VISA refusal communicated at least 4 weeks from the course start, allows the Host Academy to refund the total amount paid less €150,00, as in administrative fees.
Cancellations communicated less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the classes, are not eligible for any refund.

Does the Academy need me to bring any legal documents with me (ID card/passport or other)?

No, you are not required to bring any legal documents to the Academy, although we recommend you bring one, in case you need it for other reasons.

2 | Payments

Is there a registration fee, a deposit, or any additional costs?

No, we do not ask you to pay any registration fee or any other additional costs. The total amount to be paid is just the cost of the course.

What does the course fee include?

Lessons every day from Monday to Friday (five hours per day), and cultural activities according to what is indicated on each location’s webpage.

How does the late fee work?

On all our courses, if you register with less than 8 weeks’ notice before the course starts, we will add a 60€ last minute registration fee.

How to pay?

Payments for the courses are made directly to the respective Academies. Most Academies accept payment via bank transfer, and some may also accept credit card payments.

When to pay?

You are not required to make a payment at the time of enrollment. Payment should be completed after we confirm the course will take place.

From the booking confirmation, you have 15 days to complete the payment.

What are your OID numbers and fiscal data?

Here you can discover all our OIDs and fiscal data.

3 | Courses Information

May I take a combination of different courses?

Yes, you may. For any questions, send us an email (teacheracademy@europassnetwork.eu): we will help you to find out the best combination of courses that meets your interests.

Can I miss a class?

While it is not recommended, it is possible to miss a class. Please make sure to communicate your absence to the instructor. Please note that a minimum attendance of 80% of the course is required to receive the certificate of attendance.

How many participants are there in one class?

Usually, the classes are made up of a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 14 participants, with a few exceptions.

What is the course Timetable?

Classes take place in the morning or afternoon, at the Academy’s discretion. The definitive schedule will be sent 2 weeks before the course.

Is the schedule published on the website the final one?

The program published on the website is a tentative schedule.

It may differ significantly depending on participants’ requests and changes may be made at the discretion of the trainer.

If you want to discuss a specific topic, you should indicate it at least 4 weeks in advance as the definitive schedule will be sent 2 weeks before the course.

Do I need to bring my personal electronic devices (laptop, tablet, …)?

If it is necessary to bring a device, it will be indicated in the email sent by the trainer, two weeks before the start of the course.

Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?

Yes, all participants get a Certificate of Attendance at the end of their course if they attend at least 80% of the course.

4 | Course Changes

Can I change the course, location, or session?

Participants are usually allowed to change course, location, or dates without incurring in an administrative fee.

Exceptions may apply for last-minute changes or for repetitive changes.

Please mind that prices may differ based on the location. If you intend to change to a more expensive Academy you will be required to pay the difference.

Requests must be presented to the email address teacheracademy@europassnetwork.eu and are at the provider’s discretion.

Please note that you have the flexibility to change the names of the participants at any time.

What happens when the minimum number for a class is not reached?

If the minimum number for a class is not reached, we will propose another suitable solution.

As we know how important is to interact with participants from other schools during Erasmus mobilities, we strive to avoid courses with less than four participants.

Can I delete the registration?

Cancellations must be notified by e-mail.

If you are forced to cancel your course attendance due to unforeseen issues, you may consider the following options:

  • re-scheduling to any of our courses in any Academy within the next months and without any additional costs;
  • letting any other colleague take your place and use the already paid fee without any additional costs.

Otherwise, if these options are not suitable, these are our refund policies:

  • For cancellations communicated more than 4 weeks before the start of the course, the Host Academy will retain 30% of the course cost.
  • For cancellations communicated less than 4 weeks before the start of the course, the full amount will be retained.

5 | Cultural Activities and Accommodation

Do the courses include cultural activities?

Yes, the cultural activities depend on the Academy; further information is available on each location’s webpage.

Do you offer accommodation?

We usually do not, but, for most of the Academies, we have a list of recommended hotels that we will share with you when we confirm your course.

Some Academies will also provide affiliated hotels, with special prices exclusive to our participants.

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