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Through our newsletter, we share useful resources to improve your teaching and we give you some insights directly from our teacher training centers, to make you wonder about all the exciting experiences you will have when and if you will join us in an unforgettable experience!🙂

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Through the newsletter, we will send you regular news updates and items, about the resources – digital and otherwise – that we will make available on our site and our social networks.

✅ Teacher training experiences

And – of course – our newsletter is about how you can best enjoy your teacher training experience across Europe.

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You will receive all the updates you need if you are a project writer and you don’t want to miss all the news about the 2021-27 Erasmus programme.

✅ New courses notifications

We will also contact you when we will add new courses to our selection, which already represent the largest selection of Erasmus Plus KA1 courses available! 😲

✅ Round up articles

A round up article is a post where we select some of the experts’ answers to resolve a certain question or a post where we select some of the best articles in the educational sector published in the previous days. 

✅ Blog articles

We will write to you when we will publish new articles on our blog; articles that might help you in your class, interviews with our teachers, experiences here at Europass Teacher Academy, and more!

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