Courses for School Principals

Explore our Erasmus courses specifically tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by educational leaders in their roles.

From strategic planning and effective communication to team building and leadership development, our courses provide valuable insights and practical strategies for school principals to enhance their leadership skills and drive positive change within their schools.

Additionally, we offer a range of open courses that are open to school principals as well as educators from different levels.


Environmental Education: Learning and Acting for a Better Future

Develop an understanding of the main concepts and issues related to ecology through reflection on the role of education in promoting environmental awareness.

Design the Positive: Positive Thinking, Positive Communication and Positive School Spaces

Acquire key insights into positive communication to nurture a positive mindset and alleviate negative self-talk. Reflect on how the surrounding environment can convert negative communication into positive relationships.

English for School Administration and Non-Teaching Staff

Enhance English language proficiency, both written and spoken, for effective communication in administrative tasks, professional interactions, and cultural immersion.

Basic English for European Projects

Enhance your English communication skills and explore the new European School Education Platform. Learn how to create and manage a project according to the eTwinning quality criteria.

Stress Relief and Well-being Strategies for Teachers

Understand what causes stress and how our bodies react to it. Discover effective strategies to relieve it, and apply them to improve your mental health and well-being.

Environmental Stewardship: How to Reconnect With Nature

Acquire an understanding of ecosystem processes, fostering a sense of responsibility for its preservation. Guide students towards a greener future by encouraging them to view their actions from an environmental perspective.

Leadership and Management for School Principals

Work on your leadership strengths while also recognizing potential areas for growth and realistic solution strategies. Develop your professional role as leaders and identify with it.

Coaching and Mentoring to Support Teachers

Learn the basic principles and techniques of mentoring, while developing crucial skills such as rapport-building and classroom observation. Gain an understanding of how to contribute to building a school culture.

ICT Tools for School Administration and Non-Teaching Staff

Learn the expected requirements of administrators and managers from organizations in the Erasmus+ program. Strengthen your digital skills and understanding of ICT and expand your knowledge to improve your technological experience and confidence.

Transformational Leadership: How to Empower Followers and Communities

Discover the key principles and characteristics of transformational leadership, practicing emotional intelligence, active listening, and empathy within the framework of Non-Violent Communication.

Effective School Leadership: Implementing Continuing Learning for All

Discover how to plan for impactful interventions, identify application opportunities for yourselves and your schools. Learn to plan effective and equitable Professional Learning activities.

Environmental Changes for Sustainable Schools

Discover the concept of Permaculture as a set of tools and knowledge focused on ecological and regenerative design thinking. Learn how to develop a permaculture design project.

Our School Radio! Podcasts and New Media as an Educational Tool

Deepen the knowledge about podcasts as an easily accessible online tool that can provide students with useful knowledge. Teach the students how to make a podcast by explaining strategies for storytelling and interviewing, among others.

The Democratic Life in the EU: Teaching Citizen Rights and Duties

Explore the fundamentals of the rights as an EU citizen and discover to the notion of democratic life. Examine the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, to teach your students their rights and duties as citizens of the Union.

3D Printing and Maker Culture for a Sustainable World

Discover the basics of 3D printing within the maker culture to promote environmental sustainability in their classroom. Ggain consciousness about the notions of a zero-waste life, as well as the culture of repair and the maker movement.

Environmental Education in Finland: the Eco-Social Approach

Discover the Finnish approach to environmental education that emphasizes each individual’s capacity to contribute to a sustainable future. Learn to support the students' personal relationship with nature and active citizenship.

Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy: Sharing the Responsibility

Acquire an awareness of the morality and consequences of your own online activities, therefore developing the capacity to enhance digital literacy in the classroom.

Inclusive Education for School Leaders: Setting the Vision and Agenda

Acquire strategic managerial tools to promote inclusion in schools. Explore different leadership approaches and develop skills to create inclusive environments. Learn how to assess and improve school inclusivity.

Mastering Erasmus+ KA2 Project Writings

Develop practical expertise on EU funding and learn how to structure a clear project proposal to secure it. Discover new ways of communicating the needs of the school or organization, and learn how to write a coherent European Development Plan.

The Well-Being Code: Energy Tools and Mind-Body Activities for Self-Care

Acquire stress management techniques, resilience-building skills, and coping strategies to promote personal well-being and social-emotional learning. Discover methods to create a positive learning environment.

AI-Enhanced Learning Experiences: The Future of Education

Gain a deep understanding of AI’s role and impact on educational leadership for K-12 institutions. Discover how to use AI assistant tools for strategic planning in educational settings.

Digital Media Literacy: Essential Skills for the Digital Age

Learn how to evaluate the credibility and quality of media products, besides becoming a responsible creator thereof and developing the ability to pass content on to students.

Discovering the Best Educational Systems from Europe and the World

Explore the particularities of different educational systems around the world and recent educational reforms. Discover how to use new thinking routines to evaluate the assigned educational system, perceive its complexity, and establish connections.

Effective Communication Strategies for Supportive Parent-Teacher Relations

Discover an array of communication strategies to adapt your teaching and collaboration with the parents of the students to modern standards, both in person and through digital educational platforms.