Europass Teacher Academy’s OIDs

The OID is a 9-digit code with the following structure: E12345678 which is used to identify organizations in projects managed by a National Agency. Here you can find all our OIDs:

Barcelona, Tenerife and Valencia

OID: E10247545

Our courses in Barcelona are held in:

Rambla de Catalunya 15, 08007, Barcelona.
Europass Academy of Creativity
Tel: +34 937 900 663


OID: E10233216

Our courses in Berlin are held in:

Rigaer Straße 4 (Metro U5; Metro  Stop Frankfurter Tor; only 4 Stations form Alexander Platz)
10247 Berlin, Germany
Europass Berlin EBB
Tel. +49 30 25018360

Dublin and Drogheda

OID: E10239861

Our courses in Dublin are held in:

Europass Teacher Academy Ireland
Dublin city center (Dublin 2), Ireland

Florence and all the other locations

OID: E10166501

Our courses in Florence are held in:

Via Sant’Egidio 12
50122 Florence, Italy

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