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Why Europass Teacher Academy?

Europass Teacher Academy is the largest European provider of Professional Development courses for Teachers.

The school Headquarter is in Florence (Italy) but thanks to its team of international trainers, we offer courses in several different locations in Europe.

The institute has a large network of partner schools and universities and is constantly involved in international projects with the aim to develop and share innovative teaching methods and techniques.

  • 25+ Years of experience
  • 99% Satisfied participants
  • 15000 Teachers trained in 10 years
  • 25+ Courses starting per month
  • 5 Stars on School Education Gateway

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The course was an extraordinary opportunity to discover innovative approaches for teachers’ work and to discover yourself in the most original and creative way. A great course for personal development!

Chifu Cecilia

All the exercises we did had such an interesting background and was so well put together. It was an interesting group of people and we could learn from each other… It looks like a lot but we also had free time where we could enjoy Italian food and wine.

Tom Hägglund

Europass is a very good way to meet other teachers, share professional experiences and personal feelings. I enjoyed this journey which was too short! I’ve learned in only 5 days what I could have learnt in a couple of months.

Bénard Fabienne

An extraordinary experience, a very well structured course with many useful examples and a very competent trainer!

Daniela Stratulat

A very good structured course Content: a good balance of theory and practice. We shared different working materials, I would recommend it. Thank you for the Organisation!

Mariya Pachevska

Thank you so much for the wonderful course! It was so interesting and thought provoking and has really focused my teaching for the coming year. We had an amazing experience!

Avril Sheridan

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