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Most of our courses take place every month all year round. You'll find the starting dates on the course page.

Why Europass Teacher Academy?

Europass Teacher Academy is the largest European provider of Professional Development courses for Teachers.

The school Headquarter is in Florence (Italy) but thanks to its team of international trainers, we offer courses in several different locations in Europe.

The institute has a large network of partner schools and universities and is constantly involved in international projects with the aim to develop and share innovative teaching methods and techniques.

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  • 25+ Years of experience
  • 99% Satisfied participants
  • 3000 Teachers Trained in 2018
  • 20+ Courses starting per month
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The course was much more than I expected, and it was very interesting to learn from the other delegates. The enhancement activities were a good mix and the city was lovely! All in all a memorable experience.

United Kingdom

The school create a very pleasant atmosphere for participants. Europass take care of their students, consider their needs and requests. All the staff are helpful and work hard.


Every teacher should have a chance to have such experience of learning, sightseeing and meeting great people. Thank you!


Best teacher Training Course I’ve ever completed


Pleasant learning experience, very friendly teacher and helpful staff. I am grateful for getting an opportunity like this and thankful that there are organizations like EUROPASS this that make it possible. Bringing people, from all over the world together, sharing a learning. I had a great time and I would certainly give it a go again whenever I get the chance!


My experience with Europass has been magnificent: the facilities are perfect, with wonderful views, the staff is very friendly and efficient. Susan Gagliano is an exceptional teacher. It is an absolutely recommendable academy.


How rewarding to meet such skilful teachers and to meet people from other countries with different experiences


This was maybe the best teacher training I have taken part in so far. Susan is a fantastic teacher. She loves her job and you can feel that. She has great knowledge and fantastic skills working with people.
On the excursion, when people from all different countries were having lunch together, chatting and laughing, I thought that we all should work and talk with each other much more instead of talking about each other. Things like these bring people together and change the world. That’s Europe and not the quarreling politicians. The money the EU spends on Erasmus is maybe the most reasonably spent money. Thank you for this experience.

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