Our School Radio! Podcasts and New Media as an Educational Tool


Concept by Alessandro Pumpo

Basic Computer Proficiency required. Read more »

Basic computer proficiency courses are designed for individuals who have limited experience with technology. Participants will learn fundamental skills such as navigating the web, and using basic programs.

Given the recent rise in the popularity of podcasts and web radios, it’s no surprise that audio narratives are making their way into the classroom. They offer an engaging way for teachers to educate students about new information and communication technologies, merging project-based learning with digital media analysis and production skills.

This course will present podcasts as a technological tool to make audio or video content regularly accessible online, hence providing the participants with the relevant knowledge to prepare educational web radio episodes, and start a web radio program in their classes.

Moreover, building an archive of recordings is awesome, but sharing them with a community is even better! It gives valuable insight into what pupils are doing in your school, letting parents feel more intimate with their child’s education and showcasing your perspective. Thus, the course will prompt participants to see the benefits of starting a web radio program not only in their classes but also in their schools.

Consider how a classroom or school podcast radio station may promote the following:

  • Self-confidence: Not everyone is great at being in front of the camera. A radio can be far less intimidating and help build confidence in public speaking even for kids who may be stifled by the camera;
  • Speaking & Listening: Radio can be a fantastic tool for developing these skills;
  • Inclusion: Radio is a tool for communication. Having a radio run by pupils, for pupils and a wider community, can help build an air of inclusion around the school;
  • Teamwork: Running a school radio will require dedication and teamwork – valuable traits for pupils to learn at school;
  • Student Voice: The school radio can be a perfect place to create a forum where pupils can have opinions and a say on their education.

In the course, we will define the concept of a Podcast, detailing its qualities and characteristics, as well as the ways this technological option can be implemented in the context of the class in order to offer flexible, innovative, and motivating alternatives to teachers.

Participants will work individually and in teams to realize how to walk their students through the process of analyzing the techniques that make for good storytelling, interviewing, and podcasting, and finally have them produce their own original podcasts.

A note for those teachers who may be technophobes: please don’t be intimidated by this technology-dependent lesson! Programs for audio editing are intuitive and easy to use, especially for students. If you are a novice to audio recording, you may want to attempt to create your own one-minute podcast as a way to experience firsthand what students will encounter during the process.


Suggested computer proficiency: Basic

What is included

 Unmatched Support: full day chat assistance

 Fully Fundable: tailored on Erasmus+ budgets

 Flexibility Guaranteed: easy changes with minimal restrictions

 360° experience: from coffee breaks to cultural visits

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Learning outcomes

This Podcasts and New Media course will help the participants to:  

  • Identify the topic of a podcast;
  • Determine the right equipment for a podcast;
  • Find the best software to record and edit a podcast;
  • Publish podcasts live on social media or keep them privately;
  • Incorporate place-based engaging activities in their lessons;
  • Use creative writing techniques to improve, motivate and infuse passion into art and technology;
  • Construct audio- stories with structure and vital plot points;
  • Conduct investigations on a range of subjects;
  • Build confidence and self-esteem;
  • Understand the value of communication;
  • Improve their speaking and listening skills;
  • Work as a team.

Tentative schedule

Day 1 – Course introduction & setting goals

Course Introduction

  • Introduction to the course, the school, and the external week activities;
  • Icebreaker activities using drama for trust and ensemble building.

Setting goals

  • Identification of needs and goals for each participant and relevant populations;
  • Introduction to audio experiences;
  • How to improve teaching?
  • The teacher as a trainer;
  • Presentations of the participants’ schools.

Day 2 – Web radio programs and education

  • How to start a web radio program in your class;
  • Individual and group practical activities;
  • Cases presentation.

Day 3 – Get creative

  • Digital storytelling;
  • Creating and designing editorial tools;
  • Practical exercises.

Day 4 – Practical activities

  • Role play for communication and collaboration;
  • Individual and group practical activities.

Day 5 – Preparing episodes

  • Work session: preparation of educational web radio Episodes.

Day 6 – Course closure and cultural activities

  • Course evaluation: round-up of acquired competencies, feedback, and discussion;
  • Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance;
  • Excursion and other external cultural activities.

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Reviews about this course

Marie Edmondsfrom Ireland
5 stars

The warmup games at the beginning were always nice and entertaining. And I remembered how important they are. Our teacher was very creative and included great active learning exercises in the lessons.

Katharina Richmondfrom Germany
5 stars

The teacher kept the course very light and entertaining. Even the participants with little IT experience were not overwhelmed. It was a good mix of theory and practice.

Inmaculada Medina Peñatefrom Spain
5 stars

The course is very practical and inspiring. The amount of theoretical and practical content is well balanced. Also, the school in Florence has a wonderful atmosphere: the staff was very kind, the teacher did a great job, the walking tour in Florence was a very good experience and we really appreciate the local recommendations.

5 Yellow Stars
Rated 4.7 / 5 by 26ॱ000+ teachers
5 Yellow Stars
Rated 4.9 / 5 by 3ॱ000+ teachers
5 Yellow Stars
Rated 4.9 / 5 by 300+ teachers

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