Course Topic: Environmental Sustainability

In the past, humans did not realize the value of nature which surrounded them. Nowadays, instead, we are trying to learn how to live in harmony with nature and look after the planet better.

Our courses aim to reintroduce teachers and students to the natural habitat, combining hands-on ecology with several activities, making it easy to form an intimate knowledge of our planet’s ecosystem and biodiversity.

Discover more about environmental sustainability with the following teacher training courses.


Environmental Education: Learning and Acting for a Better Future

Develop an understanding of the main concepts and issues related to ecology through reflection on the role of education in promoting environmental awareness.

Teaching for a Sustainable World: Climate Change and Global Citizenship

Deepen your knowledge about issues connected to climate change and incorporate these themes into your teaching. Develop practical strategies and create projects involving the entire school.

Environmental Stewardship: How to Reconnect With Nature

Acquire an understanding of ecosystem processes, fostering a sense of responsibility for its preservation. Guide students towards a greener future by encouraging them to view their actions from an environmental perspective.

Environmental Changes for Sustainable Schools

Discover the concept of Permaculture as a set of tools and knowledge focused on ecological and regenerative design thinking. Learn how to develop a permaculture design project.

Introducing Sustainability Through Game-Based Learning and Gamification

Explore the educational benefits of GBL and gamification methodologies. Learn how to design and implement effective lesson plans and how to use them efficiently when discussing sustainability.

The Ecocentric Approach: Introducing Sustainability in Education

Acquire an understanding of the notion of sustainability in many contexts. Learn to spread awareness of environmental issues and introduce sustainability in the school, to promote future advocates of sustainability.

3D Printing and Maker Culture for a Sustainable World

Discover the basics of 3D printing within the maker culture to promote environmental sustainability in their classroom. Ggain consciousness about the notions of a zero-waste life, as well as the culture of repair and the maker movement.

Environmental Education in Finland: the Eco-Social Approach

Discover the Finnish approach to environmental education that emphasizes each individual’s capacity to contribute to a sustainable future. Learn to support the students' personal relationship with nature and active citizenship.

Including Sustainability Education in Everyday Classes with PBL

Acquire an understanding of the term “sustainability” and discover its impacts on our daily lives. Learn to transmit this knowledge to the students using innovative teaching methods, such as Project-Based Learning.

Exploring Biodiversity and Ecology Through the Lens of Creativity and Culture

Learn how to regain contact with the natural habitat and help the students do it by combining hands-on ecology with visual arts, storytelling, music, and others.