Course Topic: Outdoor Education

Outdoor education includes any kind of activity school teachers can implement outside of the classroom, and possibly open-air, to turn student learning into an authentic lifelong experience.

As such, outdoor education can refer to teaching methodologies (e.g., visual thinking routines, Project-Based Learning) that make learning more vivid and connected to the city or town where the school is located as well as to learning activities a teacher can propose in external environments (e.g., cities, museums, forests).

Sometimes, outdoor education includes the use of ICT tools to create immersive experiences such as treasure hunts and escape rooms. It is also connected to critical consumerism, sustainability, and environmental protection. Accordingly, it can involve open-air activities such as school gardening and excursions and is particularly stressed by some educational systems such as Finnish education.

Discover how to incorporate outdoor education into your class with one of the following courses.

Note: If you are looking for taking part in open-air activities during your international mobility, please check Study Visits and Cultural Activities instead.

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