Course Topic: Special Needs

In the classroom, both students and teachers have to face a great variety of situations. Classrooms, in fact, may welcome disadvantaged learners, including migrant students, students with ASD or ADHD and kids with other special needs.

It’s extremely important to involve students with special needs in the classroom environment and make them feel included.

Discover more about how to ensure your classroom feels inclusive to all students (including those with special needs) with the following courses.


We Are All Special: Inclusion and Support for Students with Special Needs In and Out of the Classroom

Description This course is designed to offer a deeper understanding of class dynamics, students’ well-being, learning success, and family involvement in inclusive schools. “We are all special” reflects the attitude that educators may use in…

Art as Therapy: Self-Expression and Special Needs in Art Education

Acquire an understanding of the therapeutic power of visual arts and their importance in teaching students with special needs.

Designing Inclusive Learning Environments (ILE) to Support all Students (DILEs)

Learn to establish a framework of inclusive values and practices, both within a school and in collaboration between institutions, as a strategy to deal with diversity in an appropriate and sensitive manner.

Successful Strategies for Teaching Students with Special Needs in Every Classroom

Description This course is for teachers working with students with special educational needs in mainstream and special education schools. The course has been tailored to meet the needs of teachers by providing teaching and assessment…

Instructional Strategies to Address the Diverse Needs of All Students

Description Educators in today’s schools support students with diverse learning needs. It can be challenging to design learning opportunities that meet the needs of such a wide variety of learners. The Universal Design for Learning…

Drama Techniques: Developing Self-Expression, Communication and Social Skills for All Students

Learn an array of new ways to boost participation, motivation, and confidence in the classroom through the implementation of innovative solutions that are more practical and expressive, and therefore, more enjoyable.

Understanding and Supporting Students With ASD and ADHD

Description The growing prevalence of students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) poses challenges for all teachers. The very tasks these students find the most difficult – e.g. concentrating, coping…

Inclusive Education for School Leaders: Setting the Vision and Agenda

Description The theory says that schools should tackle inequalities and provide all learners with the key competencies they need to flourish. In practice, school leaders are often burdened by managerial duties and administrative tasks, and…

The Finnish Approach to Children with Special Needs: Promoting Learning and Growth

Description Children with learning difficulties and mental or neuropsychiatric disorders may pose particular challenges to teachers who are not familiar with their special needs. This course will introduce you to the 3-staged model that the…