Course Topic: STEM and STEAM

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is a broad term used in education and policy to group distinct but related technical disciplines.

This expression has appeared to raise awareness among policymakers about the importance of STEM subjects for contemporary society in front of the current shortage of workers able to fill STEM roles.

More recently, STEM has also included the letter ‘A’ for ‘Arts’ – hence becoming STEAM – with the idea that arts can help raise interest in STEM disciplines.


Artificial Intelligence for Education: Exploring the Frontiers of ICT

Gain practical knowledge and strategies for using AI tools such as Chat GPT for language practice. Learn the best practices for implementing AI in the classroom to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Integrating AI in the Classroom With Critical Thinking

Gain the knowledge and skills to embrace your role in an AI-driven world and utilize AI tools to enhance student learning. Learn practical strategies for identifying struggling students, creating intelligent tutoring systems, and automating tasks like grading.

Transforming Education: Integrating AI, AR, VR, and 3D Printing for Effective Learning

Discover how to effectively leverage AI, AR, VR, and 3D printing technologies in education. Acquire practical knowledge and hands-on experience to seamlessly integrate these tools into your teaching.

From STEM to STEAM Education: a New Learning Approach

Learn about STEAM education, a blend of STEM and Arts, for the students to explore the relationship between school subjects and real life.

STEM Education: Basic ICT Tools and Apps

Broaden your knowledge of a range of ICT tools suited to teaching STEM subjects. Use these to foster student engagement, and examine the latest research on the effectiveness of ICT tools in the classroom.

Digital Tools for Mathematics: Focus on GeoGebra and LaTex

Discover all the features of GeoGebra and LaTeX software used for visualizing mathematical concepts, and for writing mathematical expressions. Learn how to maximize the potential of ICT in the classroom.

Digital Game-Based Learning and Augmented Reality for Schools

Develop an appreciation for the advantages that come with the implementation of game-based learning in a classroom, alongside learning to select the content based on teaching goals and on the needs of the students.

3D Printing and Maker Culture for a Sustainable World

Discover the basics of 3D printing within the maker culture to promote environmental sustainability in their classroom. Ggain consciousness about the notions of a zero-waste life, as well as the culture of repair and the maker movement.

LEGO and Robotics Platforms for STEM Education

Explore Robotics Platforms suitable for modern educational settings, such as the Edison robot, the Lego Boost kit, the Lego EV3 kit, and Arduino. Discover how to use them, building and coding components, which will provide ready-to-use material.