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We are the largest European provider of teacher training courses, especially for teachers participating in Erasmus+ projects. Our highly qualified, dynamic, and personable instructors have all grown up in the Erasmus generation and find great fulfillment in working with people from all over Europe and beyond. Our courses foster professional connections among educators of diverse experiences and backgrounds, encouraging meaningful collaboration and fruitful exchanges.

With roughly 100 collaborators and an average of 200 courses confirmed every month, we trained more than 7.000 teachers per year. Furthermore, thanks to the hands-on, collaborative nature of our courses, participants have plenty of opportunities to make new contacts and friends, often giving way to new projects and lifelong friendships.

Broad range of topics, several locations

We have the largest offering of courses for teachers, all within the Erasmus+ KA1 framework. With Florence as our main location, we also offer courses in Barcelona, Athens, Dublin, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tenerife, Helsinki, and beyond. Our courses are geared toward innovation, well-being, the arts, and improved school environments, with a constant focus on 21st-century skills. Today’s educators are facing unprecedented challenges as well as incredible opportunities, and our courses help keep them up-to-date, adaptable, and motivated.

We also have a large network of partner schools and universities, which is constantly involved in international projects with the goal of developing and sharing innovative teaching methods and techniques.

Helpful, flexible, trustworthy

We provide assistance and guidance to our participants throughout every step of the project: from the grant application to the E+ final documents. Our administrative team, thanks to their organization, efficiency, and flexibility, facilitates the entire process with care.

After our confirmation, the course is guaranteed

No unpleasant surprises or wasted plane tickets with us! Course sessions are confirmed only when we have reached the minimum number of participants. This means that when you receive your Booking Confirmation, you can be 100% sure that your course will be held.

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