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Europass Teacher Academy in numbers

300 Erasmus courses available

30 Academies all over Europe

25,000 participants choosing our training per year

5,000 schools collaborating with us each year

110,000 social media and newsletter community members

9.40/10 average rating on our verified course reviews

Art lesson in Barcelona

Our Journey

1992 – Before Europass Teacher Academy

Europass Italian Language School was founded in Florence. We launched our initial mobility projects from the very building that still serves as our headquarters today.

2006 – Accreditation as Vocational Training Center

The School becomes an official Training Center recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. Our specialization are Professional Development courses for Italian teachers.

2008 – First International Partnerships

International projects with partners from all over Europe help us explore new frontier of education and develop innovative methods and practices.

2010 – First Training in Florence

An Italian language teacher and European project manager expanded the school horizons, giving birth to Europass Teacher Academy. We conducted our first-ever Erasmus course for teachers, always in Florence.

2016 – First Training abroad, in Barcelona

Embracing our spirit of international collaboration, we extended our reach beyond borders by organizing our inaugural Erasmus courses for teachers in Barcelona.

2017 – New Academies!

Recognizing the growing demand for high-quality teacher training, Europass Teacher Academy continued to grow. We opened additional academies in Berlin, Dublin, and Athens, hosting 2,000 educators.

2020 – New online courses

As digital learning gained prominence, we launched our online course platform, Online Teacher Academy, facilitating access to knowledge from around the globe.

2021 – Course catalogue updates

In response to the global pandemic and in tandem with the new Erasmus+ program, we underwent a significant transformation. Our course offerings expanded to a staggering 200 courses, spanning 30 locations, and empowering over 10,000 participants each year.

2022 – Higher quality standards

Upholding our commitment to excellence, we published the “Guidelines4training“, a set of quality standards dedicated to ensuring that all our Academies maintain the highest quality benchmarks for international training providers.

2023 – New Projects Platform

Continuing our mission to foster collaboration and innovation among schools, we launched a non-profit community-based platform specifically tailored to make Erasmus collaborations easier: Europass Projects Platform.

2024 – New Student Academy website

A website to organize mobilities for students across Europe. All on demand and funded by Erasmus+ or other national programs. Discover more about Europass Student Academy

Lesson in Florence

What we offer

Our courses are geared towards innovation, well-being, arts, and improved school environments, with a constant focus on 21st-century skills.

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality training that addresses the latest trends, methodologies, and tools in teaching and learning. We are the trusted and reliable partner of choice for teachers seeking to enhance their professional skills and knowledge.

As our courses are based on simplicity and excellence, we want to provide you with a streamlined and hassle-free experience, from the moment you enroll in one of our courses to the moment you receive your certificate.

Thanks to our organized, efficient, and flexible administrative team, we provide assistance and guidance to our participants throughout every step of the project: from the grant application to the Erasmus+ final documents.


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