Split and Surroundings

Split is located in central Dalmatia on the Split peninsula and it is surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and beautiful nearby islands of Brač, Hvar, and Šolta, as well as by soaring mountains and hills overlooking the city.

What makes Split unique is its Diocletian Palace, a Unesco World Heritage Site, and a shooting location for “Game of Thrones”. Built at the turn of the 4th century by Roman Emperor Diocletian as his retirement residence and military garrison, the palace is the bustling heart of the city with numerous bars and restaurants, shops, and open-air markets, visited by locals and tourists alike.

Split is a popular destination for countless cultural events, such as film and theatre festivals, concerts, exhibitions, and world-class museums.

Split has a Mediterranean climate, with dry and very hot summers and mild winters. With an average temperature of 23 °C, August is the warmest month of the year, while January has the lowest average temperature of 4 °C.

When in Split, make sure that you take it easy. There is no rush. Engage in a conversation with the locals, taste delicious Dalmatian food, and enjoy mouth-watering flavors of locally grown food and wine. Or simply put, enjoy every single moment to the fullest while in Split.

Things to Do Around Split

Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is the city’s most well-known cultural tourist attraction and one of the world’s best-preserved Roman monuments. Even though it is called a palace, its structure resembles a massive walled fortress. Each of the four walls has an entranceway in the middle named after a metal: the Golden Gate, the Silver Gate, the Bronze Gate, and the Iron Gate.

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Peristyle is the central square of Diocleatian’s Palace surrounded by two rows of Corinthian-style columns connected by arches. The upper part of the square leads to the Vestibule, and the lower to the magnificent basements of the palace.

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Cathedral of St. Domnius

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius was built as a mausoleum for Diocletian in AD 305. In the 5th century, the Christians destroyed Diocletian’s sarcophagus and converted hir tomb to a church. The Cathedral is surrounded by 24 columns. Inside the cathedral, there is a frieze that still includes images of the emperor and his wife.

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Grgur Ninski

This massive sculpture of Grgur Ninski, made by one of the most famous Croatian sculptors, Ivan Metrovic proudly stands just outside the Golden Gate. Grgur Ninski, a 10th-century Croatian bishop, introduced the use of the Croatian language instead of Latin in religious services. Rubbing his left toe is said to bring good luck.

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Marjan Hill

Marjan is a hill on the peninsula of Split. It stands 178 meters tall and provides a panoramic view of the city, surrounding islands, and the Mosor and Kozjak mountains. Its dense Mediterranean pine forests and peaceful pathways make Marjan a popular excursion destination and a recreational hub for locals and tourists alike.

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Bačvice Beach

Bačvice is a huge sandy beach in the city center and the city harbor with a capacity of over 10,000 bathers. Bačvice is home to the game “picigin”, a traditional ball game played in shallow waters with the aim to keep the ball out of the water for as long as possible. Beach during the day, Bačvice turns into a famous club scene and a hotspot for young people.

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The Riva

Riva is Split’s popular promenade, ideal for a morning coffee as well as for a top-notch evening out with friends. Riva is the heart of Split’s city life, hosting a variety of cultural and entertainment events, such as the Split carnival or the Festival of St. Domnius.

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Our Cultural Activities

The following cultural activities are included in the price of each Erasmus course in Croatia:

  • A guided tour of Split
  • A half-day tour on Saturday in Split’s surroundings.

Further information on our activities will be provided after the confirmation of the course.

About the Training Centre in Split

All our courses in Split will take place either in the Morning (9.00-13.45) or in the Afternoon (14.00-18.45) depending on classroom and trainer availability.

The courses are held in Hrvatskih Iseljenika 10, 21000 Split, just 10 minutes away from the city center and old town on foot.

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