Course Topic: National Excellence

Many countries are specialized in a particular aspect of education and offer their students great schools and learning practices.

Our courses demonstrate the best of what Europe can offer in the field of education, language teaching, and learning, focusing in particular on areas of national excellence and expertise in education.


Introduction to the Finnish Education Model

Gain a better understanding of Finland’s progressive style of teaching and practical methods. Explore various student-centered approaches that make teaching and learning more holistic.

A European School for All Children

Discover how to create a completely inclusive environment tailored for multicultural, mixed-ability classrooms comprised of students with various educational needs.

Cultural Heritage Education: Ancient Greece as a Case Study

Find out how to promote and transmit a sense of European identity and social inclusion by discovering the importance and value of cultural heritage. Learn how different identities can enrich each other.

Preventing Early School Leaving: Strategies and Tools for Teachers

Explore different tools to prevent early school leaving and engage in practical activities to assess the risks and potentialities of your schools. Focus on national and international youth exchanges, trips, and different activities.

The German Dual System of Vocational Education and Training

Discover and explore the German dual system of education, a method that combines theory and practice in educational settings. Learn how to create your own action plan to provide students with a successful learning experience.

Finnish Approach to Pupil’s Wellbeing: How to Bring More Activity, Fun and Joy to Classroom

Explore the fundamental theories and techniques of positive education. Discover straightforward mindfulness exercises for classroom use and learn how to celebrate students’ achievements, building their strengths and fostering a positive atmosphere.

School Visits in Split: the Croatian Educational System, History and Culture

Discover the details of the Croatian educational system, history, and culture. Learn about the different levels of education that it provides and how the comprehensive Croatian educational reform influenced them.

Vocational Education and Training (VET): The German System (Study Visits Included)

Explore the German Vocational Education and Training (VET) System and gain valuable insights into its workings by visiting some of the top VET institutions in the Berlin area.

Design Learning Spaces for the 21st Century Classroom

Develop an understanding of how the physical classroom influences the learning experience and behavior. Reflect on the outdatedness of traditional, teacher-centered psychology in favor of approaches that encourage student agency.

The Child First: Montessori, Reggio Emilia System and Contemporary Approaches to Pre-School Education

Discover alternative teaching methods like the Montessori Method, and the Reggio Emilia Method. Enhance critical and creative thinking skills, gaining crucial abilities to promote independence, and creativity in the classroom.

The Well-Being Code: Energy Tools and Mind-Body Activities for Self-Care

Acquire stress management techniques, resilience-building skills, and coping strategies to promote personal well-being and social-emotional learning. Discover methods to create a positive learning environment.

Discovering the Best Educational Systems from Europe and the World

Explore the particularities of different educational systems around the world and recent educational reforms. Discover how to use new thinking routines to evaluate the assigned educational system, perceive its complexity, and establish connections.

Popular Approaches for Inclusion: Don Milani, Freire, Freinet, Malaguzzi and More

Learn different strategies and techniques to enhance individual and collective responsibility, increase motivation, collaboration, and inclusion among the learners, and educate them to promote active participation and social change.

The Finnish Approach to Children with Special Needs: Promoting Learning and Growth

Discover the 3-staged model that Finnish primary schools use to promote the learning and personal growth of students with special needs. Explore the possible difficulties and challenges that such students may have upon entering the classroom.

Nordic Education Excellence Unveiled

Explore the excellence of Nordic education systems, focusing on creativity, inclusivity, and holistic learning. Gain insights into active learning, interdisciplinary methods, and equal opportunities that define Nordic success.