Basic Computer Proficiency

Basic computer proficiency courses are designed for individuals who have limited experience with technology. Participants will learn fundamental skills such as navigating the web, and using basic programs.


ChatGPT and Basic AI Tools

Explore the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence in education to empower teachers to use basic AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to enhance teaching and learning. Learn how to use AI tools to decrease the workload.

Digital Tools for Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking (4Cs)

Acquire the knowledge, the know-how, and the confidence to insert the 4Cs skills into the curriculum and school environment. Learn to design practical activities using ICT resources, which are more efficient at developing the 4Cs in students.

Photo and Video Making in your Classroom: the Educational Power of Multimedia

Explore the educational potential of audiovisual content. Learn to create, adapt, and utilize resources to engage students in learning and discover effective tools for managing these resources efficiently.

The Best Digital Tools for Language Teachers

Learn to integrate educational apps and digital tools into your teaching methodology and discover the latest approaches. Foster students’ engagement and motivation and acquire the necessary tools to support each of your pupils’ learning styles.

Pathways to Become a Digitally Competent Educator

Reflect on and acquire technological skills specific to educators. Learn to effectively integrate technology, empowering students to develop their digital competences. Discover a variety of assessment and progress analysis strategies.

Web Solutions for the Classroom

Acquire essential knowledge about the use of ICT for educational purposes, emphasizing tools like Edmodo, Quizzes, and others. Learn new techniques to enhance student engagement, fostering long-lasting retention of knowledge.

AI for CLIL: Lesson Plans, Resources and Assessment Tools

Learn how to integrate AI in CLIL programs, optimizing teaching and learning. Discover how to use AI for planning, curriculum development, and personalized learning, fostering engagement.

Digital Wellbeing: A New Challenge for Teachers and Students

Learn how to raise students’ awareness about the effects of digital technology in their lives, in order to help them take control of their digital well-being.

Basic ICT for Teachers: Empowering Classrooms in the Digital Age

Learn to create engaging presentations using tools like Microsoft PowerPoint, Canva, Genially, or Google Slides. Discover how to create materials like quizzes or games and how to navigate the fascinating new world of artificial intelligence.

Digital Storytelling: Apps and Software for Creative Writing

Acquire the necessary skills to create audio-visual stories with the support of an array of ICT tools and software, such as Microsoft Photos, which are effective in the involvement of students in the classroom.

Our School Radio! Podcasts and New Media as an Educational Tool

Deepen the knowledge about podcasts as an easily accessible online tool that can provide students with useful knowledge. Teach the students how to make a podcast by explaining strategies for storytelling and interviewing, among others.

4Cs Education with AI Tools and Storytelling Techniques

Discover how to blend AI tools with education to enhance soft skills among students. Gain practical AI tool insights and storytelling skills to transform your teaching and inspire students across all subjects, preparing them for a future intertwined with AI.

Attention Please! Digital Tools and Techniques for Student Engagement

Gain proficiency in classroom management systems, learning to effectively utilize Google Classroom and other platforms. Ensure both efficiency in teaching and create an enriching learning experience for students.

Bullying Prevention and EdTech for a Wholesome School Environment

Learn how to create a healthy learning environment where bullying and discrimination prevention will be taken care of. Get inspired on how to integrate ICT into class, practicing methodologies to understand prejudice and prevent conflicts.

Flipped Education: Creating Engaging Audiovisuals for Asynchronous Learning

Acquire knowledge of video essay creation tools and platforms. Develop storytelling skills, enhance ICT competence and digital media literacy. Enhance formal and informal strategies to teach video essay creation to students.

ICT Basic Tools for Gamification and 21st Century Skills

Gain hands-on experience with various apps and programs to integrate them into teaching. Learn to create interactive lessons that will foster 21st-century skills, including critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

Universal Design for Learning: Strategies and Digital Tools to Support All Learners

Discover how to design an inclusive educational environment based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning, using dedicated digital tools for support. Acquire the skills needed to customize your teaching approach.

SEL in the Digital Age: Leveraging AI for Student Well-being and Success

Explore how educational technologies and AI can enhance SEL by fostering self-awareness, empathy, collaboration, and responsibility. Learn to create supportive digital environments that promote students' social and emotional well-being.