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English Language Course (Intermediate Level)

Enhance your English language abilities with CLIL activities, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Boost your confidence in reading, writing, and speaking the English language.

English Language Course (Elementary Level)

Enhance your English language abilities with CLIL activities, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Boost your confidence in reading, writing, and speaking the English language.

English Language Course for Beginners

Enhance your English language abilities with CLIL activities, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Boost your confidence in reading, writing, and speaking the English language.

Artificial Intelligence for Education: Exploring the Frontiers of ICT

Gain practical knowledge and strategies for using AI tools such as Chat GPT for language practice. Learn the best practices for implementing AI in the classroom to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Yoga and Meditation for Educators: Be a Great Teacher, Be Your Best Self

Discover how incorporating yoga practices can enhance your ability to maintain a favorable climate and support resilience both in and out of the classroom. Explore useful tips on introducing children and teens to yoga and meditation techniques.

Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence and Bullying Prevention

Acquire an understanding of group dynamics by discovering how tensions, alliances, and relational struggle can interfere with learning. Learn to encourage active listening, empathy, and emotional literacy.

Integrating AI in the Classroom With Critical Thinking

Gain the knowledge and skills to embrace your role in an AI-driven world and utilize AI tools to enhance student learning. Learn practical strategies for identifying struggling students, creating intelligent tutoring systems, and automating tasks like grading.

English Language Course (Advanced Level)

Enhance your English language abilities with CLIL activities, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Boost your confidence in reading, writing, and speaking the English language.

Environmental Education: Learning and Acting for a Better Future

Develop an understanding of the main concepts and issues related to ecology through reflection on the role of education in promoting environmental awareness.

Mindfulness for Teachers: a Hands-on Approach

Develop an understanding of the positive impact of mindfulness practices on mood, communication, and stress levels. Discover a variety of practices to use for yourself and/or introduce to students.

CLIL in Primary School: Make It Work, Make It Effective

Explore the latest methods for sourcing, choosing, and adapting content for your lessons in Primary Schools. Learn how Content and Language Integrated Learning promotes interdisciplinarity, enhancing motivation in the classroom.

21st Century Skills for Teachers and Students

Discover new methods to help enable, learn and familiarise you and your students about modern 21st century practices which will be useful in nowadays’ education and also serve for future purposes in jobs too.

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Language Teachers

Learn how to effectively integrate AI tools into your teaching, enhancing students' language skills, creativity, and critical thinking. Gain the ability to personalize teaching and support students at different language levels.

CLIL and PBL to Improve Student Engagement

Develop the ability to guide students in the acquisition of knowledge and life skills by linking curriculum topics to real-life situations. Discover Project-Based Learning and Content and Language Integrated Learning approaches.

English for School Administration and Non-Teaching Staff

Enhance English language proficiency, both written and spoken, for effective communication in administrative tasks, professional interactions, and cultural immersion.

Classroom Management Solutions for Teachers: New Methodologies, Effective Motivation, Cooperation and Evaluation Strategies

Explore the latest classroom management techniques that promote discussion and problem-solving. Gain familiarity with concepts such as the flipped classroom and other teaching methods aimed at enhancing motivation.

ICT in the Classroom: Innovative Tools to Facilitate Students Learning, Collaboration and Creativity

Acquire crucial knowledge to use, select, and effectively incorporate ICT tools in everyday teaching in order to boost creativity, motivation, and engagement.

Mental Health Awareness for Teachers and Students

Develop an understanding of mental health awareness in order to identify potential issues, in both colleagues and students. Implement appropriate support strategies and learn how to foster teacher well-being.

The 4Cs: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration in Schools

Acquire an understanding of the '4C's' and acknowledge their significance as essential life skills. Explore methods for integrating these skills into both the curriculum and the school environment.

Transforming Education: Integrating AI, AR, VR, and 3D Printing for Effective Learning

Discover how to effectively leverage AI, AR, VR, and 3D printing technologies in education. Acquire practical knowledge and hands-on experience to seamlessly integrate these tools into your teaching.

A Satisfying School Experience: Strategies and Skills for Teachers

Discover innovative approaches to create a meaningful school experience and explore practical ideas for fostering a dynamic, creative environment. Improve student engagement and promote healthy school-family relations with these strategies.

Drama Techniques: Developing Self-Expression, Communication and Social Skills for All Students

Learn an array of new ways to boost participation, motivation, and confidence in the classroom through the implementation of innovative solutions that are more practical and expressive, and therefore, more enjoyable.

Resilience and Well-being Strengths for Teachers

Gain an understanding of the responsibility to cultivate resilience strengths in order to attain a stable state of well-being. Explore strategies such as emotional management, fostering a positive mindset, and cultivating empathy and compassion.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for Successful Schools

Learn to develop your own course of action for promoting Social and Emotional Learning in the school through reflection, sharing experiences, and creating a unique path tailored for your school community.

Tablets and Smartphones: Using Mobile Devices as Educational Tools

Discover new ways to incorporate technology into your lessons, learn how to use software, social media platforms, and apps for communication, group management, and fostering collaboration, while discussing ethical and safety issues.

Teaching for a Sustainable World: Climate Change and Global Citizenship

Deepen your knowledge about issues connected to climate change and incorporate these themes into your teaching. Develop practical strategies and create projects involving the entire school.

3D Printing and Maker Culture for a Sustainable World

Discover the basics of 3D printing within the maker culture to promote environmental sustainability in their classroom. Ggain consciousness about the notions of a zero-waste life, as well as the culture of repair and the maker movement.

A European School for All Children

Discover how to create a completely inclusive environment tailored for multicultural, mixed-ability classrooms comprised of students with various educational needs.

Blended Learning: Connecting Remote and Face-to-Face Teaching

Discover how ICT can help you become a more effective educator through the addition of blended learning practices into your curriculum.

Instructional Strategies to Address the Diverse Needs of All Students

Discover the approach for Universal Design Learning and the strategy for Differentiation, to design an accessible educational framework that addresses the needs of all students.

Life Coaching for Teachers: Happy Teachers for Better Students

Acquire an understanding of the importance of setting healthy boundaries to cope with overworking. Learn how to regulate emotions and respond assertively but appropriately.

Refresher Course for Already Practicing English Language Teachers (ESL, EFL, ESOL)

Enhance your teaching by incorporating CLT methods, implementing task-based learning, and using authentic materials. Explore innovative approaches to customize your teaching based on student needs and current language teaching methodologies.

The Best Digital Tools for Language Teachers

Learn to integrate educational apps and digital tools into your teaching methodology and discover the latest approaches. Foster students’ engagement and motivation and acquire the necessary tools to support each of your pupils’ learning styles.

Digital Education Tools for Beginners

Acquire basic skills in creating digital materials for online teaching and learning. Learn to create and edit documents in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, record and edit videos, and realize small digital games.

Effective Language Teaching Techniques

Discover effective techniques to inspire language learners, and enhance their communication skills. Combine digital and traditional methods, exploring strategies such as CLIL, video, photography, and real-world materials.

Empowered Teachers: Rediscover Your Motivation and Energy

Create a personal roadmap to empowerment by reflecting on your needs and inspirations. Become aware of the need for general well-being and self-determination which promotes motivation.

Facing Diversity: Intercultural Classroom Management

Explore intercultural educational practices and address communication issues. Engage in positive interactions regardless of your or the students' background.

Intensive English Course and CLIL for Teachers

Develop fluency and accuracy in the English language and gain more confidence in both speaking and writing, acquiring an understanding of CLIL methodology.

Preventing Early School Leaving: Strategies and Tools for Teachers

Explore different tools to prevent early school leaving and engage in practical activities to assess the risks and potentialities of your schools. Focus on national and international youth exchanges, trips, and different activities.

Project-Based Learning (PBL): Make Students’ Learning Real and Effective!

Discover Project-Based Learning and an array of strategies to integrate into the curriculum using the latest tools and techniques. Create and carry out your own PBL project to boost student engagement and assure long-lasting retention of knowledge.

Supporting Diversity with Intercultural Education in the Classroom

Discover practical exercises and a legal framework for creating a more inclusive classroom atmosphere. Foster interculturality, respect, and a dynamic environment.

AI for CLIL: Lesson Plans, Resources and Assessment Tools

Learn how to integrate AI in CLIL programs, optimizing teaching and learning. Discover how to use AI for planning, curriculum development, and personalized learning, fostering engagement.

AI-Powered Content Creation for Educators

Gain insights into creating engaging learning content that effectively motivates students by mastering Digital/AI Literacy and creative multimedia skills.

Integrating Creativity and Innovation into Teaching

Gain crucial knowledge on ICT in education in order to implement technology in the classroom. Discover an array of ideas on how to apply new teaching strategies to boost high-order skills in students.

Soft Skills for Strong Teachers

Deepen your understanding of the notion of soft skills and reflect on your own leadership, creativity, and communication abilities, among others. Learn how to incorporate the transmission of those skills into every facet of education.

There Is an App for That! Exploring the Best Apps for Teaching and Student Learning

Learn to properly integrate a variety of apps into the curriculum, as well as non-academic settings. Explore the tools necessary to provide the students with the best learning experience.

Brain-Based Learning: Understand How Students Really Learn

Explore ways to enhance and expedite teaching while ensuring long-lasting knowledge retention. Challenge conventional teaching methods and incorporate fun and creative practices to promote student engagement.

CLIL in Practice: Focus on Ireland

Explore a multidisciplinary approach to CLIL resources and aids for preparing materials and interactive content for non-native language learners. Discover the people and places that constitute the history of Ireland along the way.

Effective School Leadership: Implementing Continuing Learning for All

Discover how to plan for impactful interventions, identify application opportunities for yourselves and your schools. Learn to plan effective and equitable Professional Learning activities.

Flipped Classroom

Develop a full understanding of the flipped classroom strategy, a pedagogical model that reverses the mainstream lecture-and-homework structure of a course. Learn how to integrate this model into the classroom to promote active learning.

Inclusive Teaching with Artificial Intelligence

Gain insights into best practices for implementing AI to promote inclusion. Acquire the ability to integrate AI tools into lessons and activities, in order to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Innovative Educational Leadership: Your Soft Skills Toolkit

Engage in a variety of activities and discussions aimed at developing leadership skills, including communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and change management.

Managing Digital Distractions: Strategies for Students and Teachers

Master digital distraction while enhancing concentration and well-being. Learn practical hacks to combat digital distractions, boost concentration, and promote mental health in the digital age.

Pathways to Become a Digitally Competent Educator

Reflect on and acquire technological skills specific to educators. Learn to effectively integrate technology, empowering students to develop their digital competences. Discover a variety of assessment and progress analysis strategies.

Playful Learning: Strategies for Reducing Stress and Energizing the Classroom

Acquire knowledge and skills to implement a common language of well-being and the principles of Playful Learning in the classroom. Concentrate on a heart-full approach and how to build a strong relationship between school and home.

Preventing and Intervening in (Cyber)bullying

Deepen your knowledge about bullying and cyberbullying. Learn conflict management techniques to handle difficult and aggressive students and create a calm and accepting atmosphere at school to support victims.

STEM Education: Basic ICT Tools and Apps

Broaden your knowledge of a range of ICT tools suited to teaching STEM subjects. Use these to foster student engagement, and examine the latest research on the effectiveness of ICT tools in the classroom.

CLIL in Secondary School: Practical Activities for All Teachers

Discover the latest methods for sourcing, choosing, and adapting your content ahead of your lessons in Secondary Schools, and how Content and Language Integrated Learning promotes interdisciplinarity that enhances motivation in the classroom.

Design Learning Spaces for the 21st Century Classroom

Develop an understanding of how the physical classroom influences the learning experience and behavior. Reflect on the outdatedness of traditional, teacher-centered psychology in favor of approaches that encourage student agency.

Digital Teaching Essentials: from A to Z

Learn how to efficiently use IT and communication technology in the classroom, in particular the most popular social media and innovative educational platforms. Acquire crucial knowledge on the safe use digital classroom management.

Exploring Biodiversity and Ecology Through the Lens of Creativity and Culture

Learn how to regain contact with the natural habitat and help the students do it by combining hands-on ecology with visual arts, storytelling, music, and others.

Global Education and Critical Media Literacy: Essential Elements in Contemporary Teaching

Gain a practical understanding of the basic principles of Global Education and learn to design educational activities based on its pillars.

Motivate Your Students with Growth Mindset Feedback

Discover the concept of a growth mindset in order to provide the students with purposeful feedback to encourage them to embrace failure and stay focused on their goals. Explore various types of growth-oriented feedback.

Multiple Intelligences for Deeper Learning

Explore the theory of multiple intelligences that allows educators to take into consideration different kinds of learners by reinforcing each type of intelligence, which allows tailoring the learning process to every student.

Our School Radio! Podcasts and New Media as an Educational Tool

Deepen the knowledge about podcasts as an easily accessible online tool that can provide students with useful knowledge. Teach the students how to make a podcast by explaining strategies for storytelling and interviewing, among others.

Photo and Video Making in your Classroom: the Educational Power of Multimedia

Explore the educational potential of audiovisual content. Learn to create, adapt, and utilize resources to engage students in learning and discover effective tools for managing these resources efficiently.

Project-Based Learning for Primary School

Deepen your knowledge about PBL. Discover which tools are best for the students, how to effectively evaluate their learning, and how to be a good mentor in order to promote critical thinking, autonomy, collaboration, and other 21st-century skills.

School Innovation: A New Mindset for Teachers and Students

Explore new design strategies to enhance your teaching by making it encouraging and motivating. Discover an array of innovative lesson plans, activities, and digital solutions, among others, to use in the classroom.

Student-Centered Classroom: Teachers as Promoters of Active Learning

Discover how to create a student-centered learning environment sustaining autonomy and cooperation. Explore new methods like the Flipped Classroom, Project-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Case-Based Instruction and Discovery Learning.

The Democratic Life in the EU: Teaching Citizen Rights and Duties

Explore the fundamentals of the rights as an EU citizen and discover to the notion of democratic life. Examine the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, to teach your students their rights and duties as citizens of the Union.

The Irish Education System: Study Visits in Dublin

Explore the Irish education system and visit Irish educational facilities to observe lessons. Discuss the school system with headmasters, teachers, and students. Follow lectures and workshops on the culture and history of Ireland.

The Well-Being Code: Energy Tools and Mind-Body Activities for Self-Care

Acquire stress management techniques, resilience-building skills, and coping strategies to promote personal well-being and social-emotional learning. Discover methods to create a positive learning environment.

Use ICT to Integrate Migrant Students in your Classroom

Explore valuable ICT tools and educational strategies to seamlessly integrate migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers into classrooms. Develop essential skills to foster social inclusion among students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Zen and the Art of School Gardening

Acquire an innovative method to help your students build connections with the environment and establish a sense of community. Learn how to care for plants and trees, as well as how to use existing and recycled materials to create compost.

AI-Enhanced Learning Experiences: The Future of Education

Gain a deep understanding of AI’s role and impact on educational leadership for K-12 institutions. Discover how to use AI assistant tools for strategic planning in educational settings.

Classroom Debates: Turn Them Into an Effective Teaching Tool

Develop an understanding of the numerous benefits of implementing debates in your curriculum. Use debates as a tool to develop critical thinking, acquire crucial research skills, foster appreciation for diverse views, and improve engagement.

Digital Game-Based Learning and Augmented Reality for Schools

Develop an appreciation for the advantages that come with the implementation of game-based learning in a classroom, alongside learning to select the content based on teaching goals and on the needs of the students.

Embodied Language Teaching: Add Movement to Your Classroom

Acquire knowledge of the “Embodied Language Learning” teaching method. Explore how to combine theoretical concepts relating to the teaching of foreign languages with practical activities.

Hands-on Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education: From Sensory Education to First ICT Uses

Dive into the essentials of hands-on pedagogy in early childhood education, focusing on engaging young learners through play and technology. Learn to adapt your classroom to diverse learning styles, fostering holistic development.

Mastering Project, Task, Problem, and Competency-Based Learning

Develop an understanding of project-based, thinking-based, problem-based, and competency-based learning approaches. Learn to seamlessly integrate these methods into teaching practices, empowering students with practical skills.

Microsoft for Education: Powerful Tools to Create, Share and Inspire

Learn about Microsoft 365, together with all its tools and techniques, and incorporate them into your teaching. Explore programs such as Excel, OneDrive, and Sway, among others.

Teaching Languages Through Local Tales, Stories, and Myths

Look at fairytales, myths, and local tales to explore how these can facilitate language teaching. Discover how to use them from an educational perspective, to open the imagination and allow greater cultural understanding.

The Collaborative Classroom: Teachers as Coaches, Classrooms as Teams

Reflect on the effects of different educational approaches on the students. Explore the concepts of team coaching and team learning as innovative techniques that encourage and promote collaboration.

The Digital Teacher: A 21-Century Introduction to Digital Education

Discover the basics of education technology. Learn about a variety of digital tools, educational apps (White Board apps) and software to introduce to your classroom. Involve the students in engaging and interactive digital activities.