Next Dates for Flipped Classroom

Course sessions are confirmed only when we have reached the minimum number of participants. This means no unpleasant surprises or wasted plane tickets with us!

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CourseLocationFormal LocationStarting DateFormal DateStatusIs ConfirmedEnrolment
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence1 Jul 20242024-07-01Confirmed1Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin22 Jul 20242024-07-22Confirmed1Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin12 Aug 20242024-08-12Confirmed1Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia15 Apr 20242024-04-150Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin22 Apr 20242024-04-220Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin29 Apr 20242024-04-290Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence6 May 20242024-05-060Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens13 May 20242024-05-130Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin13 May 20242024-05-130Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia20 May 20242024-05-200Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin27 May 20242024-05-270Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence3 Jun 20242024-06-030Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens10 Jun 20242024-06-100Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin10 Jun 20242024-06-100Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia17 Jun 20242024-06-170Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin24 Jun 20242024-06-240Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens8 Jul 20242024-07-080Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin8 Jul 20242024-07-080Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia15 Jul 20242024-07-150Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin29 Jul 20242024-07-290Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence5 Aug 20242024-08-050Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens12 Aug 20242024-08-12Fully Booked0
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia19 Aug 20242024-08-190Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin26 Aug 20242024-08-260Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence2 Sep 20242024-09-020Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens9 Sep 20242024-09-090Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin9 Sep 20242024-09-090Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia16 Sep 20242024-09-160Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin23 Sep 20242024-09-230Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin30 Sep 20242024-09-300Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence7 Oct 20242024-10-070Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens14 Oct 20242024-10-140Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin14 Oct 20242024-10-140Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia21 Oct 20242024-10-210Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin28 Oct 20242024-10-280Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence4 Nov 20242024-11-040Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens11 Nov 20242024-11-110Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin11 Nov 20242024-11-110Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia18 Nov 20242024-11-180Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin25 Nov 20242024-11-250Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence2 Dec 20242024-12-020Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens9 Dec 20242024-12-090Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin9 Dec 20242024-12-090Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia16 Dec 20242024-12-160Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence6 Jan 20252025-01-060Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens13 Jan 20252025-01-130Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin13 Jan 20252025-01-130Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia20 Jan 20252025-01-200Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin27 Jan 20252025-01-270Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence3 Feb 20252025-02-030Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens10 Feb 20252025-02-100Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin10 Feb 20252025-02-100Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia17 Feb 20252025-02-170Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin24 Feb 20252025-02-240Register here »
Flipped ClassroomFlorenceFlorence3 Mar 20252025-03-030Register here »
Flipped ClassroomAthensAthens10 Mar 20252025-03-100Register here »
Flipped ClassroomDublinDublin10 Mar 20252025-03-100Register here »
Flipped ClassroomValenciaValencia17 Mar 20252025-03-170Register here »
Flipped ClassroomBerlinBerlin24 Mar 20252025-03-240Register here »