Classroom Management Solutions for Teachers: new Methodologies, Effective Motivation, Cooperation and Evaluation Strategies

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Classroom Management Solutions for Teachers: new Methodologies, Effective Motivation, Cooperation and Evaluation Strategies

Concept by: Sheila Corwin


This course has been created for teachers who want to learn more about managing an effective and up to date classroom that encourages participation and engaged learning using the latest techniques and classroom tools.

Teachers will learn more about managing a classroom through reflection, teacher observation, and case scenarios, which encourage discussion and resolution of the most common classroom problems. Through interactive and engaging activities participants will learn how to boost motivation, establish classroom rules, provide clear instructions, monitor, develop rapport, incorporate pair and group work, and gain tips for encouraging students to reflect on their own classroom behaviour.

In addition, the course will include discussion on what exactly a Flipped Classroom is and how this new teaching ‬method can be put to use with the subject being taught. Finally, assessment and evaluation will be addressed along with the incorporation of student portfolios, rubrics, and presentation strategies.

By the end of the course, students will have gained greater insight into what makes a classroom run smoothly and what it takes to  “Flip” their own classrooms.  They will also become more familiar with Project and Task Based Learning and take away ideas for evaluating student learning and participation effectively.

Learning Outcomes

The course will help the participants to understand how to: 
  • Manage a classroom effectively by establishing rules with logical consequences; 
  • Deal with difficult behaviors by working on collaborative solutions;
  • Give clear instructions, organize pair and group work, and develop positive relationships;
  • Motivate learners and get them to reflect on their behavior;
  • Organize and plan for a Flipped Classroom experience;
  • Assess students and provide feedback using portfolios, rubrics, and other forms.


  • Teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs); 
  • Teacher trainers;
  • Careers officers; 
  • Headteachers;
  • Principals.

Head teacher of classroom management courses: Ilaria Barbieri

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  • Lessons: classes will take place in the Morning (9:00 – 13:45) or in the Afternoon (14:00 – 18:45).
  • Activities: if not otherwise specified all courses includes at least one guided city tour and one full-day excursion (usually on Saturday).
  • Price: 480€

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*Course session of July and August will be offered in Nafplio 

Reviews about this course

Really enthusiastic about the course because I’ve learnt new methodologies and I’ve shared ideas with colleagues from other European countries. Our teacher, Mrs Ada Rigacci, is a very professional one; she’s really friendly and supportive to all people who need help, especially with the use of the English language. I want to suggest this school in Berlin to everyone who wishes to take part to an Erasmus + KA101 project.

Mariuccia Lo Feudo

I had a very good time in Berlin with other European colleagues. I’ve learnt a lot of useful strategies to manage the classroom in a digital time. Many thanks to Mrs Ada Rigacci and to all the staff of Carl Duisberg school in Berlin. Everyone should enjoy such an experience, learning in a comfortable, qualified school. Thanks to Erasmus+KA101 projects.

Giuseppina Serra

It was an extraordinary experience. I learned interesting things about active teaching methods and classroom management. Ilaria Barbieri, our trainer, is a very well trained teacher who has been able to motivate us, adapt to the needs of the group and maintain a positive atmosphere.

Beatrice-Oana Lapusneanu

It was a wonderful experience! I learned new things with great people in a fairytale town. Certainly this experience will go ahead and home will result in better management of the classroom and positive professional development!

Macovei Claudia

This course represented a great experience for me! It was well-structured, easy to understand and innovative at the same time. I learned many useful things which will help me motivate my students in becoming autonomous learners, more self confident and more involved in the learning process. Our trainer, Ilaria, is a real professional, an open-minded person, who knows how to adapt to the learners’ needs.

Laura Sandu

Thank you so much for all of it, Sheila! You made me think about a few things and I am really happy I had you as the teacher. One thing was the importance of handouts and in connection with this when we give them and of course clear instructions. I’ll definitely want to try out flipped classroom and will ask for more feedback. If this course makes me a better teacher, it’ll be thanks to you. Thank you, again!

Merle Udso

The course has been a great experience for me. The possibility of knowing teachers from different countries and contact with different realities and practices was very enriching. Regarding the course, I liked it very much, especially the wide range of interest and meaningful topics, and the interactive and engaging activities…Finally, I would like to thank Sheila for being so kind, friendly, acessible, enthusiastic and caring, all caractheristics of an excellent teacher.

Raquel Sarmento

Enthusiastic about the way of training! Great Course with the young highly prepared and professional trainer. Lots of new methodology tips, many useful concepts and extraordinary way to analise, to see in advance and get the solution to the conflict itself… I will highly recommend this Course! We had a great and constructive time in Berlin. Sending our best wishes to the trainers and all the staff who organized this brilliant course.

Catherine Strogoff

A very good course : useful to learn new techniques, tools an strategies to manage inclusion in the class. This was I wanted to learn and this I learnt. The teacher was very helpful, too. If I have the opportunity I ‘ll attend an Europass Course again!

Roberta Tesi

It was an effective and practice based course. I enjoyed it.

Eszter Kovacs

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