Reviews about this course

Thank you so much for the course ! Thank you to the Florence Europass team who helped me for every step for booking, accomodation… Thank you to Susan for all your advices, strategies, reflexions… I went at the beginning so exhausted… and I finished the week with energy, hope, light. I was just what I need to remember how much I love teaching and to understand how I will continue for a long time.

Karine Vial

The course was really a satisfying experience, well organized and all topics were presented. Our teacher Susan was very competent and supportive, full of knowledge and experience. It was a small group (6 people) and therefore we had enough time to share all experiences.

Maja Užarević

I am very satisfied. The course was very interesting. The teacher, Susan was well-qualified and motivating. I studied a lot of new methods and the team was fantastic. Thank you for everything.

Kaló Zita

The course was an extraordinary opportunity to discover innovative approaches for teachers’ work and to discover yourself in the most original and creative way. A great course for personal development!

Chifu Cecilia

I enjoyed the course a lot! Marta was very good in creating a warm and creative atmosphere and in our small, international group we could exchange our experience in teaching openly. And of course, Barcelona is a great place to stay…!

Roland Friedrich

It was a useful cource which help me to develop strategies and skills for my school. Our leader Marta was excellent and her lesson was very experiential. I hope many teachers to attend thiS course for their personal development. Barcelona is fantastic

Δημήτριος Κωστίκος

I left Florence with some tears in my eyes but fresh, relaxed and full of new ideas and motivation. Thanks again!

Silke Klein

This is a course that I would recommend to everyone. Leaders are professional, enjoyable and entertaining. Exactly what every teacher needs.

Renata Mladina

I was deeply impressed by Susan”s ability to touch everybody’s hearts and express our minds without any hesitation. Her charming personality and psychological knowledge has left great impact on my heart.

Rasa Stakiene

It seemed a very good course to me. The most important factor has been Susan Gagliano. She is an amazing teacher in all senses.

Pilar Balches

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