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About the Training Centre in Strasbourg

All our teacher training courses in Strasbourg will take place either in the Morning (9.00-13.45) or in the Afternoon (14.00-18.45) depending on classroom and trainer availability.

Further information on our academy will be provided after the confirmation of the course.

The address of our training center in Strasbourg is:

Centre d’Affaire Athena
2 rue Henri Bergson
67200 Strasbourg

Getting to Strasbourg

By plane

The Strasbourg Airport is approximately 18km away from the city center and is reachable in 20 minutes by bus or by taxi ride.

If you need any help searching for the right flight from your country, here’s a little tip: Destination map – Strasbourg Airport

Our Cultural Activities

The following cultural activities are included in the price of each Erasmus course in Strasbourg:

  • A guided tour of Strasbourg
  • A half-day tour on Saturday in Strasbourg’s surroundings

Further information on our activities will be provided after the confirmation of the course.

Strasbourg and Surroundings

Strasbourg is the largest city in the Northeast of France and the capital of the historical Alsace region. Throughout the centuries, Strasbourg has been disputed by both France and Germany and today it symbolizes the peace and cooperation between these two countries. As a result, Strasbourg is now home to the European Parliament.
The old town of Strasbourg was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, and the city boasts many monuments and attractions, with its world-famous Christmas market.

Best Things to Do in Strasbourg

1) The Cathedral

Probably the most famous monument in the city, the Strasbourg Cathedral was built with pink sandstone coming from the nearby Vosges Mountains. Almost three centuries were necessary to complete this “gigantic and delicate marvel”, as French writer Victor Hugo called it. Take some time to contemplate the beautiful statues inside and outside of this Gothic masterpiece.

2)  Grande Île area

Surrounded by the Ill River, the Grande Île area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the historic center of the city. Take a walk down these streets and enjoy the picturesque houses.

Here are several monuments you need to see in this area:

  • The Cathedral District
  • Kammerzell House
  • Rohan Palace
  • The main squares

3) La Petite France

Petite France was the district of millers, tanners, and fishermen. Its half-timbered houses, narrow streets, and waterfront areas give it a romantic, intimate atmosphere. This area looks like a small, picturesque Alsacian town in the heart of a big city. You cannot visit Strasbourg without taking a walk down the lovely little streets of Petite France or sitting at a cafe and enjoying a drink while contemplating the Rhine River.

4) Neustadt

Also known as the German imperial district, Neustadt means “new city” in German. It was built at the turn of the 20th century, after the Prussian annexation. The Neustadt area is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2017 and boasts an outstanding architectural heritage.

5) European Parliament

The European District symbolizes the reconciliation and cooperation between France and Germany. It has several beautiful contemporary buildings such as the famous European Parliament. Thanks to this prominent institution, Strasbourg is the legislative and democratic capital of the European Union.

6) Alsace Wine Route

The Alsatian countryside is beautiful. A few kilometers outside of Strasbourg, the Route des Vins, or Wine Route, is a route that stretches through the vineyards of Alsace and several beautiful towns. These colorful little towns with timbered houses are a must-see. The Wine route is an incredible, authentic experience you will definitely enjoy. And while you’re at it, indulge yourself with a taste of the best Alsatian white wines such as Sylvaner or Gewurztraminer.  

Alsace has some picturesque towns you need to visit: Obernai, Riquewihr, Eguisheim, and Kaysersberg are probably the best examples of these beautiful Alsatian towns and are definitely worth the trip.

7) Alsace Christmas markets

Christmas markets in Alsace are world-renowned and every year they attract thousands of tourists in December. There is something unique about the Christmassy atmosphere of the Alsatian cities and no other cities can quite compare with Lorraine and Alsace when it comes to Christmas.

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