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Artificial Intelligence for Education: Exploring the Frontiers of ICT

Gain practical knowledge and strategies for using AI tools such as Chat GPT for language practice. Learn the best practices for implementing AI in the classroom to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

ChatGPT and Basic AI Tools

Explore the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence in education to empower teachers to use basic AI tools, such as ChatGPT, to enhance teaching and learning. Learn how to use AI tools to decrease the workload.

Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence and Bullying Prevention

Acquire an understanding of group dynamics by discovering how tensions, alliances, and relational struggle can interfere with learning. Learn to encourage active listening, empathy, and emotional literacy.

Classroom Management Solutions for Teachers: New Methodologies, Effective Motivation, Cooperation and Evaluation Strategies

Explore the latest classroom management techniques that promote discussion and problem-solving. Gain familiarity with concepts such as the flipped classroom and other teaching methods aimed at enhancing motivation.

Project-Based Learning (PBL): Make Students’ Learning Real and Effective!

Discover Project-Based Learning and an array of strategies to integrate into the curriculum using the latest tools and techniques. Create and carry out your own PBL project to boost student engagement and assure long-lasting retention of knowledge.

Transforming Education: Integrating AI, AR, VR, and 3D Printing for Effective Learning

Discover how to effectively leverage AI, AR, VR, and 3D printing technologies in education. Acquire practical knowledge and hands-on experience to seamlessly integrate these tools into your teaching.

21st Century Skills for Teachers and Students

Discover new methods to help enable, learn and familiarise you and your students about modern 21st century practices which will be useful in nowadays’ education and also serve for future purposes in jobs too.

Mindfulness for Teachers: a Hands-on Approach

Develop an understanding of the positive impact of mindfulness practices on mood, communication, and stress levels. Discover a variety of practices to use for yourself and/or introduce to students.

Digital Tools for Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking (4Cs)

Acquire the knowledge, the know-how, and the confidence to insert the 4Cs skills into the curriculum and school environment. Learn to design practical activities using ICT resources, which are more efficient at developing the 4Cs in students.

Flipped Classroom

Develop a full understanding of the flipped classroom strategy, a pedagogical model that reverses the mainstream lecture-and-homework structure of a course. Learn how to integrate this model into the classroom to promote active learning.

From STEM to STEAM Education: a New Learning Approach

Learn about STEAM education, a blend of STEM and Arts, for the students to explore the relationship between school subjects and real life.

ICT Tools for a Creative and Collaborative Classroom

Discover online applications and environments, focusing specifically on web solutions that foster inclusivity and sustainability, in order to boost collaborative work, creativity, and engagement.

Our School Radio! Podcasts and New Media as an Educational Tool

Deepen the knowledge about podcasts as an easily accessible online tool that can provide students with useful knowledge. Teach the students how to make a podcast by explaining strategies for storytelling and interviewing, among others.

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for Successful Schools

Learn to develop your own course of action for promoting Social and Emotional Learning in the school through reflection, sharing experiences, and creating a unique path tailored for your school community.

Tablets and Smartphones: Using Mobile Devices as Educational Tools

Discover new ways to incorporate technology into your lessons, learn how to use software, social media platforms, and apps for communication, group management, and fostering collaboration, while discussing ethical and safety issues.

Digital Storytelling: Apps and Software for Creative Writing

Acquire the necessary skills to create audio-visual stories with the support of an array of ICT tools and software, such as Microsoft Photos, which are effective in the involvement of students in the classroom.

ICT Tools for School Administration and Non-Teaching Staff

Learn the expected requirements of administrators and managers from organizations in the Erasmus+ program. Strengthen your digital skills and understanding of ICT and expand your knowledge to improve your technological experience and confidence.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) in Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites

Discover how to build and implement PBL strategies in the classroom, incorporating activities and information from museums and cultural heritage sites into these projects. Learn how to organize engaging and immersive cultural visits through PBL.

There Is an App for That! Exploring the Best Apps for Teaching and Student Learning

Learn to properly integrate a variety of apps into the curriculum, as well as non-academic settings. Explore the tools necessary to provide the students with the best learning experience.

Digital Tools for Managing Projects in Education

Learn how to manage projects using specifically designed apps. Create simple websites using WordPress and develop the ability to interact effectively during online conferences, create infographics, and record and edit screen videos.

German Language Course (Intermediate Level)

Enhance your German language abilities, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Boost your confidence in reading, writing, and speaking the German language while diving into German culture.

Leadership Excellence: A Soft Skills and Coaching Path

Go beyond traditional leadership training by merging soft skills development with personalized coaching, strengthening essential skills such as communication, social skills, project management, and time management.

Learning Through Collaboration and Cooperation

Learn to implement and manage collaborative and cooperative learning strategies in the classroom, improving school relationships, promoting personal and social growth, and making the learning process more engaging and more effective.

Microsoft for Education: Powerful Tools to Create, Share and Inspire

Learn about Microsoft 365, together with all its tools and techniques, and incorporate them into your teaching. Explore programs such as Excel, OneDrive, and Sway, among others.

Project-Based Learning for Primary School

Deepen your knowledge about PBL. Discover which tools are best for the students, how to effectively evaluate their learning, and how to be a good mentor in order to promote critical thinking, autonomy, collaboration, and other 21st-century skills.

Student-Centered Classroom: Teachers as Promoters of Active Learning

Discover how to create a student-centered learning environment sustaining autonomy and cooperation. Explore new methods like the Flipped Classroom, Project-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning, Case-Based Instruction and Discovery Learning.

The Ecocentric Approach: Introducing Sustainability in Education

Acquire an understanding of the notion of sustainability in many contexts. Learn to spread awareness of environmental issues and introduce sustainability in the school, to promote future advocates of sustainability.

4Cs Education with AI Tools and Storytelling Techniques

Discover how to blend AI tools with education to enhance soft skills among students. Gain practical AI tool insights and storytelling skills to transform your teaching and inspire students across all subjects, preparing them for a future intertwined with AI.

Digital Game-Based Learning and Augmented Reality for Schools

Develop an appreciation for the advantages that come with the implementation of game-based learning in a classroom, alongside learning to select the content based on teaching goals and on the needs of the students.

Digital Teaching Essentials: from A to Z

Learn how to efficiently use IT and communication technology in the classroom, in particular the most popular social media and innovative educational platforms. Acquire crucial knowledge on the safe use digital classroom management.

From Global Priorities to School Projects: Focus on Sustainability and Citizenship Education

Acquire tools and knowledge necessary to integrate the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals into impactful school projects. Develop the skills to structure PBL plans that foster global responsibility.

Green Skills in Education: Towards a 2050 Zero Emission Society

Explore the role of education in promoting green skills and sustainability. Learn how to incorporate green skills into your teaching, using design thinking and practical strategies to prepare students for the future.

Quick and Fun Formative Assessment Techniques

Discover various formative assessment activities to use every day at work. Learn how to use digital tools to make assessment activities fun and approachable which will lead to better content understanding and elevated interest in the subject.

The Berlin Wall: A Journey from Totalitarianism to Democracy

Gain insights into Berlin's divided history, including the impact of the Berlin Wall and the GDR. Learn how to incorporate this history into your teaching, using innovative methods, emphasizing democratic values and the prevention of totalitarian regimes.

Visual Arts as a Tool for Communication and Learning

Explore the impact of visual communication in today's digital media landscape for teaching and storytelling. Learn how to leverage visual communication and media literacy to cultivate critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Case-Based Learning (CBL)

Learn to apply Case-Based Learning in your classrooms and school subjects, as well as in interdisciplinary projects to increase students’ curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving, and promote an active learning environment.

German Language Course (Advanced Level)

Enhance your German language abilities, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Boost your confidence in reading, writing, and speaking the German language while diving into German culture.

German Language Course (Elementary Level)

Enhance your German language abilities, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and conversational skills. Boost your confidence in reading, writing, and speaking the German language while diving into German culture.

Intensive German and CLIL

Enhance your fluency and accuracy in the German language and gain a multidisciplinary perspective on CLIL methodology to apply these principles effectively in the classroom.

The German System of Adult Education

Explore successful methods from the German Adult Education system, with a focus on active engagement and autonomy. Practice implementing student-centered learning approaches and creating inclusive environments.