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Artificial Intelligence for Education: Exploring the Frontiers of ICT

Gain practical knowledge and strategies for using AI tools such as Chat GPT for language practice. Learn the best practices for implementing AI in the classroom to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Integrating AI in the Classroom With Critical Thinking

Gain the knowledge and skills to embrace your role in an AI-driven world and utilize AI tools to enhance student learning. Learn practical strategies for identifying struggling students, creating intelligent tutoring systems, and automating tasks like grading.

Art as Therapy: Self-Expression and Special Needs in Art Education

Acquire an understanding of the therapeutic power of visual arts and their importance in teaching students with special needs.

ICT Tools for a Creative and Collaborative Classroom

Discover online applications and environments, focusing specifically on web solutions that foster inclusivity and sustainability, in order to boost collaborative work, creativity, and engagement.

Mental Health Awareness for Teachers and Students

Develop an understanding of mental health awareness in order to identify potential issues, in both colleagues and students. Implement appropriate support strategies and learn how to foster teacher well-being.

Stress Relief and Well-being Strategies for Teachers

Understand what causes stress and how our bodies react to it. Discover effective strategies to relieve it, and apply them to improve your mental health and well-being.

A European School for All Children

Discover how to create a completely inclusive environment tailored for multicultural, mixed-ability classrooms comprised of students with various educational needs.

Blended Learning: Connecting Remote and Face-to-Face Teaching

Discover how ICT can help you become a more effective educator through the addition of blended learning practices into your curriculum.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) in Museums and Cultural Heritage Sites

Discover how to build and implement PBL strategies in the classroom, incorporating activities and information from museums and cultural heritage sites into these projects. Learn how to organize engaging and immersive cultural visits through PBL.

Refresher Course for Already Practicing English Language Teachers (ESL, EFL, ESOL)

Enhance your teaching by incorporating CLT methods, implementing task-based learning, and using authentic materials. Explore innovative approaches to customize your teaching based on student needs and current language teaching methodologies.

Digital Tools for Cultural Heritage Education

Delve into digital technologies for teaching Cultural Heritage. Explore digital tools, multimedia resources, and interactive platforms to create engaging lessons.

Effective Language Teaching Techniques

Discover effective techniques to inspire language learners, and enhance their communication skills. Combine digital and traditional methods, exploring strategies such as CLIL, video, photography, and real-world materials.

Intensive English Course and CLIL for Teachers

Develop fluency and accuracy in the English language and gain more confidence in both speaking and writing, acquiring an understanding of CLIL methodology.

Supporting Diversity with Intercultural Education in the Classroom

Discover practical exercises and a legal framework for creating a more inclusive classroom atmosphere. Foster interculturality, respect, and a dynamic environment.

Art and Nature: A Sustainable Approach for All Teachers

Encourage a mindful and eco-conscious art and nature approach through indoor and outdoor activities using natural ingredients, low-impact supplies, and recycled objects.

Emotional Intelligence Tools to Understand and Respond to Trauma

Explore strategies for classroom management that involve teaching emotional intelligence, creating a psychologically safe learning environment, and mitigating the adverse effects of trauma.

Integrating Creativity and Innovation into Teaching

Gain crucial knowledge on ICT in education in order to implement technology in the classroom. Discover an array of ideas on how to apply new teaching strategies to boost high-order skills in students.

Active Art: Understanding and Enjoying Art in the Classroom and Beyond

Develop an understanding of art and creativity in different contexts to effectively deal with their students’ creative process. Find out new ways of combining art theory and practice.

Innovative Educational Leadership: Your Soft Skills Toolkit

Engage in a variety of activities and discussions aimed at developing leadership skills, including communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and change management.

Playtime and Downtime for Teachers and Students: the Psychology of Time to Feel Good and Do Good!

Gain an understanding of playtime and downtime concepts. Develop cognitive, social, problem-solving, and resilience skills through new activities and regular rest, preparing yourself for new tasks and challenges.

STEM Education: Basic ICT Tools and Apps

Broaden your knowledge of a range of ICT tools suited to teaching STEM subjects. Use these to foster student engagement, and examine the latest research on the effectiveness of ICT tools in the classroom.

The Child First: Montessori, Reggio Emilia System and Contemporary Approaches to Pre-School Education

Discover alternative teaching methods like the Montessori Method, and the Reggio Emilia Method. Enhance critical and creative thinking skills, gaining crucial abilities to promote independence, and creativity in the classroom.

Digital Wellbeing: A New Challenge for Teachers and Students

Learn how to raise students’ awareness about the effects of digital technology in their lives, in order to help them take control of their digital well-being.

Fostering Active Democratic Participation Through Global Citizenship Education

Discover different forms of inequality and their chain of circumstances. Explore how Global Citizenship Education (GCE) can be used as an instrument to promote equal economic, political, and social rights and opportunities.

Music in the Classroom: Active and Receptive Music Therapy for Schools 

Discover music as a form of therapy in the classroom. Learn how music can be a successful method for emotional release, how to help students connect through music, and reduce stress and anxiety thanks to relaxation.

Photo and Video Making in your Classroom: the Educational Power of Multimedia

Explore the educational potential of audiovisual content. Learn to create, adapt, and utilize resources to engage students in learning and discover effective tools for managing these resources efficiently.

School Innovation: A New Mindset for Teachers and Students

Explore new design strategies to enhance your teaching by making it encouraging and motivating. Discover an array of innovative lesson plans, activities, and digital solutions, among others, to use in the classroom.

Student-Centered Education: Making Learning Exciting and Long Lasting

Identify strategies to help students develop key competencies for nowadays’ challenges: autonomy, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Create a student-centered environment for many learning modalities and styles.

Traditional Arts and ICT Art Tools for Teaching your Subjects and Promoting Life Skills

Learn to integrate traditional art techniques and ICT art tools into your teaching practices in order to boost creativity and critical thinking, and enhance the development of crucial life skills.

Digital Tools for Managing Projects in Education

Learn how to manage projects using specifically designed apps. Create simple websites using WordPress and develop the ability to interact effectively during online conferences, create infographics, and record and edit screen videos.

Digital Tools for Mathematics: Focus on GeoGebra and LaTex

Discover all the features of GeoGebra and LaTeX software used for visualizing mathematical concepts, and for writing mathematical expressions. Learn how to maximize the potential of ICT in the classroom.

From Burnout to Balance: Practical Strategies for Stress Relief in the Classroom

Discover tools and strategies to reduce stress in the classroom and learn about its causes and effects on students and teachers. Incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals into the teaching practice.

From Global Priorities to School Projects: Focus on Sustainability and Citizenship Education

Acquire tools and knowledge necessary to integrate the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals into impactful school projects. Develop the skills to structure PBL plans that foster global responsibility.

Quick and Fun Formative Assessment Techniques

Discover various formative assessment activities to use every day at work. Learn how to use digital tools to make assessment activities fun and approachable which will lead to better content understanding and elevated interest in the subject.

Teaching Languages Through Local Tales, Stories, and Myths

Look at fairytales, myths, and local tales to explore how these can facilitate language teaching. Discover how to use them from an educational perspective, to open the imagination and allow greater cultural understanding.