“We are all Special”: Inclusion and Support to Special Needs Students in and out of the Classroom

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Concept by: Marta Mandolini


This course is designed to offer a deeper understanding of class dynamics, students’ wellbeing, learning success, and family involvement in inclusive schools. “We are all special” reflects the attitude that educators may use in inclusive classes, in order to prevent labeling, isolation, bullying towards special needs or diverse students in general, and that will be the core concept of main activities during the course, where diversity is synonym of understanding, integration and opportunity.

Participants will be given a general introduction to main disabilities such as learning disabilities (dyslexia, dyspraxia), emotional and behavioural disorders (ADHD, ADD, Depression, Bipolar..), intellectual and physical disabilities and impairment, developmental disabilities (Autism). They will also be encouraged to share their experiences and difficulties they may have encountered in their profession.

They  will be given a series of hands-on activities to prevent isolation and disruptive behaviours from the beginning of the school year, considering peer interaction and peer support as fundamental elements to build social skills, self-confidence and cope with stress and helplessness. 

Participants will also experience effective relaxation techniques, and movement-based activities, to be used with special needs students and the rest of the class. 

Finally, participants will be trained in the use of positive and practical strategies to improve an effective communication with parents and the with the rest of the class.  

Guided city tours and an excursion will also be part of the programme. 

Learning outcomes

The course will help the participants to:
  • Acquire, reflect, refresh knowledge about main disabilities such as learning, intellectual and physical developmental disabilities
  • Exchange reflections and practices, share difficulties and solutions with colleagues
  • Experience concrete activities to prevent isolation and disruptive behavior, which can be replicated in the classroom
  • Learn how to empower peer interaction and support with other special needs students and classmates
  • Practice effective and positive communication with parents.


  • Teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs);
  • Teacher trainers;
  • Headteachers;
  • Principals;
  • Managers of schools.

Head teacher of classroom management courses: Ilaria Barbieri

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  • Lessons: classes will take place in the Morning (9:00 – 13:45) or in the Afternoon (14:00 – 18:45).
  • Activities: if not otherwise specified all courses includes at least one guided city tour and one full-day excursion (usually on Saturday).
  • Price: 480€

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*Course sessions of July and August will be offered in Nafplio

Reviews about this course

I have learned so many new things during this course and it was a very pleasant experience! Thank you, Marta!

Andreea Ghitu

Marta was a super facilitator on this course. She was inspiring, enthusiastic and was passionate about delivering the course. From the first day of the course she created a massive impression on me as a teacher. Her personality, skill and knowledge helped me to learn new strategies in dealing with students with special educational needs. I learned new ways of helping students with social skills and team building skills for the class. I really enjoyed the relation techniques that I learned especially the ‘PAUSE, Breathe and Smile’. It was so lovely to meet people form other countries and share experience and knowledge . Thank you Marta for an amazing week.

Clare Conneely

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