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About the Training Centre in Curaçao

All our courses in Curaçao will take place either in the Morning (8:00 – 13:00) or in the Afternoon (13:00 – 17:00) depending on classroom and trainer availability.

Our classrooms are located at the following address:

IJzerstraat, Willemstad, Curaçao – Tribe meeting space

Travel and Transport

The plane is the only way to reach Curaçao from abroad. The island only has one airport: Hato Airport. It has connections with several countries including the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United States.

Traveling from the airport to the city center takes approximately 30 minutes. As public transportation is irregular, we advise you to rent a car or book a taxi for your arrival. You can book a taxi in advance on this website. If you need recommendations on car rental, you can email the Curacao coordinator. Petrol is cheap and parking is often free.

The roads can be confusing, so a GPS is needed. Using a European Simcard in Curaçao is expensive. We recommend you download the app and the Curacao map on your smartphone before leaving Europe so that you can find your hotel easily.


On the island, you can stay in a variety of accommodations. From luxury hotels with beautiful private beaches, city apartments, or even colorful hostels. If you are staying anywhere but the city center, or would like to explore the island, it is essential to rent a car for the duration of your stay.

If you book an accommodation in the neighborhoods written below you will be able to walk to the training location in +/- 10 minutes;

  • Otrobanda neighborhood
  • Pietermaai district

Please note that searching for ‘Willemstad’ on a booking website shows you results from the whole island, many of which are far away from the center.

Practical information

Wifi & What to bring

Most restaurants and accommodations offer free WIFI, including the training location. You can buy almost everything in Curaçao: sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and even laptops, and cameras. Prices tend to be a bit higher since it’s an island and most products are imported.

We recommend bringing light clothing, as daytime temperatures are around 30 degrees celsius all year round and 27 degrees celsius at night.

Tap water is safe to drink in most places. In these temperatures, it’s recommended to drink several liters of water per day.

Our Cultural Activities

On Wednesday you will receive free entrance to the Kura Hulanda Museum, which is located right behind the course location. It’s a former slave depot and explains the European occupation of Curaçao.

On Saturday morning a local tour guide named Jacqueline will introduce you to the neighborhood of Otrobanda. Colorful houses, artsy murals, and historical buildings are brought to your attention. Let’s fill your Instagram account with beautiful pictures.

Best Things to Do in Curaçao

1) Jan Thiel Beach

Everything happens at Jan Thiel Beach. Do you dream of the sun, ocean, shopping, and entertainment? Then Jan Thiel Beach is the right place! Relax with cold cocktails, make one of the restaurant chefs surprise you, and find the entertainment and sports world on the beach. The Beach has 4 unique restaurants offering a variety of food and relaxation.

2) Kura Hulanda Museum

In this exhibition, you will learn more about the African heritage rooted in Curaçao and discover the remnants of the dark history of slavery in the region. The museum is in the city-center harbor of Willemstad, where Dutch entrepreneurs once traded and transshipped enslaved Africans along with other “commercial goods”.

3) Hato Caves

The Hato Caves consist of more than 300.000 years old coral reefs exposed to the receding sea. The Cave is located on the north side of the island. Curaçao’s Hato Cave is now considered the most beautiful and public-friendly cave on the island.

4) Punda

Fall in love with the historic city of Punda. Streets that are full of life and colors; fantastic murals and colorful buildings all over the town. Punda is home to the world-famous Handelskade: a waterfront collection of multi-colored buildings that have become Curaçao’s most recognized image. But there is so much more to discover!

5) Mount Christoffel

Christoffel Park is harboring a rich variety of local flora and fauna and is the national park of Curaçao. Visit the park and enjoy the beautiful nature and outdoor activities. All those who like hiking can also climb the 372-meter-high Christoffel mountain. Mountain climbing is only possible between 6 AM – 10 AM. There is no admission to the mountain after 10 AM.

6) Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

Spanning St. Anna Bay, Queen Emma, also known as the “Swinging Old Lady,” is a floating pedestrian bridge that connects Willemstad’s two halves, Punda and Otrobanda. The bridge was built in 1888. It is supported by 16 pontoon boats and swings open laterally to allow ships to enter and leave the bay.

All Erasmus Courses in Curaçao

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