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Teachers are Artists and Artists are Teachers

The arts have played a major role in Marisol Santana’s development since when, as five years old, she began learning how to dance and play musical instruments. Through her education, research and practices, she has come to learn that art is the universal language which transcends culture, gender, religion, and nationality. She has found that practicing multiple art forms increases learning, creates new art forms, activates metacognition, and improves social development/communication skills.

5 Reasons to Choose Verona for your Next Teacher Training Course

We have just opened our doors in the beautiful city of Romeo and Juliet, offering a wide range of courses for educators, teachers, and school staff.
Innovative methodologies, 21st-century skills, the management of nowadays’ classrooms, bullying, motivation at school, diversity, positive education, project-based learning, new technologies, digital media could be just some of the topics you will explore with educators from many different countries.

We All Smile in the Same Language

If you have attended one of our courses in Florence, you may have noticed how Tania, one of our office managers, always works with a big smile on her face. She is full of energy and enthusiasm!
Today, with this first interview with one of our administrative team members, we would also like to celebrate the incredible job done, in particular during the ErasmusPlus KA1 application period, by all our back-office staff. If the office has continued to run smoothly, all the credits go to them!

All the World is a Stage for Mutual Understanding

José Angel Santana was an acclaimed young actor when he recognized pervasive media violence’s destructive influence on young people’s lives.
Over the last 35 years he has developed his highly effective performance of mutual understanding approach to achieving success with family, teaching, socially, and in business. He believes the first step toward success in all endeavors is the validation of other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Renaissance Meets Contemporary: Street Art Tour in Florence

Florence is considered by many academics the birthplace of Renaissance, and is still wonderfully preserved as a Renaissance city, with his art and architecture that remain unique treasures.
Renaissance literally means “rebirth” and, if we have look outside the museum’s walls and toward the tiny streets called vie or vicoli, we can feel a sense of vibrancy. It is the city’s contemporary art scene.

Developing Resilience for the Challenges of School – and Life

Resilience is the superpower that we develop when we can look at life’s challenges, at our mistakes and even traumas, accept them and see them as steps towards our growth. We are resilient every time we fall and get back up on our feet. We express resilience when we view our challenges as temporary, as a teaching moment, as a guide to discovering another way. We demonstrate resilience when we experience trauma and accept our pain – yet not let it define who we are.

Education Beyond our Borders

Ilaria Barbieri, from a small village next to Lake Garda, drifted towards other harbours to get a degree in Social Psychology and a Masters in “Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners”. Ilaria has carried out research across the UK, Spain, and France, worked in public schools, dived into the fields of group psychology, sociolinguistics, anthropology, video making and…landed at Europass Teacher Academy in 2015.

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