Online Apps and Tools for Teaching

It is a valuable resource for teachers seeking online apps and tools to enhance their teaching practices. There are many free of charge apps with each one including their own specific features. In this regard, here is a list of 15 useful apps for teachers.

50 Best EdTech Tools by Category  

Here you will find a comprehensive guide to EdTech which will help you integrate digital tools within the classroom.

20 Best Books for Your Students

Books have been used in the classroom for many years and not without a reason. A very powerful tool, books are able to not only narrate magnificent stories but leave your students developing new skills that will carry them into every aspect of life.

15 Best Podcasts for Teachers

If you’re looking to develop your skills further and looking for some useful and inspirational insight on general life as a teacher, here are 15 must-listen podcasts that will help you become your best self!