Education Beyond our Borders

Ilaria Barbieri, from a small village next to Lake Garda, drifted towards other harbours to get a degree in Social Psychology and a Masters in “Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners”. Ilaria has carried out research across the UK, Spain, and France, worked in public schools, dived into the fields of group psychology, sociolinguistics, anthropology, video making and…landed at Europass Teacher Academy in 2015.

SCAMPER Technique for Creative Thinkers

Creative thinking and problem-solving are essential parts of the learning process to turn ideas into innovation to open creativity. A successful methods used in creative thinking is the SCAMPER technique.

New Technologies Means New Opportunities

Iacopo Falciani, Teacher Trainer at Europass for ICT courses -Iacopo was born in Florence and he focused his education on ancient history and classical philology. He later became a social science teacher, with a huge passion for geography and technology. Upon concluding a Master’s degree in teacher education from the University of Florence, Iacopo taught social sciences for two years, in Italy and Spain, and then worked as a volunteer teaching Italian to immigrants.

Lights, Camera, Action! Teaching with Drama in Education

This summer TESOL Drama had the opportunity to collaborate with Europass Teacher Academy in Florence, to design and teach our new Professional Development Drama Workshops tailored to Erasmus Plus and K-Adult teachers. Here is an interview with the organizers: Marisol Santana and José Angel Santana.

“Job Shadowing” with Emilia Valkonen

Emilia Valkonen, from Lappeenranta (Finland), does educational management and development, finance and project management, human resource management and networking at the Adult Education Centre of South Karelia (EKKO). We share her interview about the Job Shadowing experience with Erasmus Plus at Europass Teacher Academy last July.

Spreading Enthusiasm Is the Secret

Susan Gagliano, professional counselor and instructor from the USA, she is passionate about the various forms of self-expression, self-care and effective communication. In her free time, Susan is a semi-professional vocalist in the Florence circuit with groups like the Musìa Trio and the Gianfry Bogart Band.

I Love Training Teachers in Italy

Sheila Corwin, from California (USA), has more than 25 years of experience working with English language learners along with new and already practicing language (and other) teachers from all over the world.

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