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Integrating AI in the Classroom With Critical Thinking

Gain the knowledge and skills to embrace your role in an AI-driven world and utilize AI tools to enhance student learning. Learn practical strategies for identifying struggling students, creating intelligent tutoring systems, and automating tasks like grading.

Successful Strategies for Teaching Students with Special Needs in Every Classroom

Explore diverse teaching and assessment methods, strategies, and tools for instructing students with special needs in both mainstream and special education settings. Learn to design differentiated activities effectively in a diverse classroom.

AI-Powered Content Creation for Educators

Gain insights into creating engaging learning content that effectively motivates students by mastering Digital/AI Literacy and creative multimedia skills.

Drama Techniques: Developing Self-Expression, Communication and Social Skills for All Students

Learn an array of new ways to boost participation, motivation, and confidence in the classroom through the implementation of innovative solutions that are more practical and expressive, and therefore, more enjoyable.

Introducing Sustainability Through Game-Based Learning and Gamification

Explore the educational benefits of GBL and gamification methodologies. Learn how to design and implement effective lesson plans and how to use them efficiently when discussing sustainability.

Web Solutions for the Classroom

Acquire essential knowledge about the use of ICT for educational purposes, emphasizing tools like Edmodo, Quizzes, and others. Learn new techniques to enhance student engagement, fostering long-lasting retention of knowledge.

Designing Inclusive Learning Environments to Support all Students

Learn to establish a framework of inclusive values and practices, both within a school and in collaboration between institutions, as a strategy to deal with diversity in an appropriate and sensitive manner.

Digital Wellbeing: A New Challenge for Teachers and Students

Learn how to raise students’ awareness about the effects of digital technology in their lives, in order to help them take control of their digital well-being.

Green Skills in Education: Towards a 2050 Zero Emission Society

Explore the role of education in promoting green skills and sustainability. Learn how to incorporate green skills into your teaching, using design thinking and practical strategies to prepare students for the future.

Inclusive Education for School Leaders: Setting the Vision and Agenda

Acquire strategic managerial tools to promote inclusion in schools. Explore different leadership approaches and develop skills to create inclusive environments. Learn how to assess and improve school inclusivity.

Instructional Strategies to Address the Diverse Needs of All Students

Discover the approach for Universal Design Learning and the strategy for Differentiation, to design an accessible educational framework that addresses the needs of all students.

Understanding and Supporting Students With ASD and ADHD

Acquire the skills to effectively teach students with ASD and ADHD, adapting educational techniques to suit their unique learning styles. Provide support in helping them manage impulses and better understand the world around them.

Creating Safe Classrooms for Trauma-Affected Students

Enhance your abilities to support trauma-affected children. Learn about the impact of trauma and stress on children and gain practical tools for creating a trauma-informed, strength-based classroom.

Project-Based Learning for Primary School

Deepen your knowledge about PBL. Discover which tools are best for the students, how to effectively evaluate their learning, and how to be a good mentor in order to promote critical thinking, autonomy, collaboration, and other 21st-century skills.

Creative and Innovative Activities Using Beginner English

Gain valuable tools and strategies to bring innovation, inclusion, and creativity into the classroom, developing new skills, forming lasting memories, and forging international friendships.

Universal Design for Learning: Strategies and Digital Tools to Support All Learners

Discover how to design an inclusive educational environment based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning, using dedicated digital tools for support. Acquire the skills needed to customize your teaching approach.

Visible Thinking: Discover the Power of Thinking Routines

Discover the benefits of visible thinking and its ability to foster deep learning through the introduction of various thinking routines applicable in the classroom. Support students in becoming problem-solvers, critical thinkers, and independent learners.