Magdalena Ogiello-Irvine

Teacher Trainer in Dublin

  • Born in north-eastern Poland, lives in Dublin
  • English language teacher since 1999, teaching a range of classes and age groups in primary, secondary, and language schools with a strong awareness of students’ learning and development
    • Passion for designing interesting activities and tasks
    • Emphasis on students’ motivation and engagement
    • Focus on learners’ needs, active learning, and communicative approach in the classroom
  • Master’s Degree in English Philology from the University of Gdansk, Poland
  • Certification of obtaining teacher’s specialization, a qualified examiner of English as a foreign language for the Polish Matura leaving cert. exams, teaching English to future foresters at the Technical School of Forestry in Bialowieza, Poland
  • Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching from Trinity College Dublin
  • Presentation on ‘Learners’ attitudes to different types of authentic EFL materials’ at the 2013 Interdisciplinary Linguistics Conference, Belfast University
  • Author of the face-to-face course:
  • At Europass since 2022