Designing  Educational Environments

A 1 Week Erasmus+ Teacher Training course in Nafplio (Greece) and Florence (Italy)

Inclusive education can be seen as a process of strengthening the capacity of an educational system to reach out to all learners in the community.

This course has been tailored for teachers dealing with classroom diversity and disadvantaged learners, including those with special educational needs or a migrant background. Specifically, participants will acquire or improve their knowledge regarding:

  • Defining inclusive education, key principles and values;
  • Understanding the process of inclusion/Addressing barriers to participation, learning and resources to support all students within schools;
  • Designing lessons and activities to support increasing diversity in contemporary classrooms (e.g. adaptations to ensure access to curricula, differentiated lessons and activities, authentic/alternative assessment tools);
  • Using ICT tools to support all learners in inclusive settings;
  • Collaboration within school communities (teachers, teaching assistants, students, parents/carers) in order to establish a framework of inclusive values and practices (e.g. co-teaching involving a general education and a special education teacher).

Upon completion of the course, participants using reflective instruments such as “Index for Inclusion” are expected to develop learning strategies, techniques and resources through a range of practical activities (e.g. case studies, hands on activities) aiming towards enhancing participation, learning and achievement for all students in sustainable educational environments.

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target audience

- Teachers (primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs); Teacher trainers; Careers officers, educational guides and counsellors; Headteachers; principals; managers of schools/organisations offering adult education.

course details - Florence

  • Schedule: 6 days: Mon - Sat; (arrival and departure days: Sunday);
  • Length of the course: 1 week;
  • Number of participants: max. 12;  
  • Next Dates 2018: 02 - 07 April; 09 - 14 April; 25 - 30 June; 29 October - 03 November 
  • Extra curricular activities included: 2 Florence Guided Tours and 1 day Tuscan Excursion (usually on Saturday);
  • Price: € 480,00

course details - Nafplio

  • Schedule: 6 days: Mon - Sat (arrival and departure days: Sunday) 
  • Length of the course: 1 week;
  • Number of participants: max. 12
  • Next Dates 2018: 02- 07 July; 16 – 21th July; 06 – 11th August; 20 - 25th August; 27 August - 1st of September;
  • Extra curricular activities included: One Excursion to be chosen among the following: - Ancient Mycenae and ancient theater of Epidaurus - Hydra and Spetses Island.
  • Price: € 480,00 

Special Edition - Barcelona

  • Schedule: 6 days: Mon - Sat (arrival and departure days: Sunday) 
  • Length of the course: 1 week;
  • Number of participants: max. 12
  • Next Dates 2018: 22 - 27 October 2018; 
  • Extra curricular activities included: Barcelona Guided Tours and 1 full day Excursion;
  • Price: € 480,00 


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