Łukasz W. Kosowski

Teacher Trainer in Prague.

  • Born in Chrzanow, Poland
  • Lives and works in Prague, the Czech Republic
  • Is a holder of an MA degree in Orientalism, while the Ph.D. studies he spent in the department of History (topics: clash of cultures, International Relations, colonialism)
  • Finished a few training courses on the methodology in the fields of pedagogy, andragogy, academical teaching, and non-formal education
  • Worked as an educator in both formal (universities, i.e. Jagiellonian or Tallinn) and non-formal environments (i.e. Erasmus+ or private schools)
  • Presented his scientific work at various national and international conferences (in Poland, Iraq, Malaysia, and other places)
  • Has 3 years of experience in HR (recruitment) and 3 years of experience in corporate sales (complemented by supporting the company’s Sustainability team)
  • Is active as a photographer and creative writer (fiction and copywriting)
  • His interests include traveling, gaming (also game design), and tennis
  • Author of the face-to-face course:
  • Teacher Trainer at Europass since 2022