Giulia Bozza

Office Manager in Florence

  • Born in Naples, Italy;
  • BA degree in Comparative Cultures, Languages and Literatures (ENG/FIN);
  • MA degree in Comparative Languages and Literatures (ENG/FIN);
  • Erasmus student at the Helsingin Yliopisto (University of Helsinki);
  • LGBTIQ+ Activist 🏳️‍🌈;
  • Bookworm since 1994;
  • Literature and Tea Enthusiastic;
  • Volunteering at IREOS – Comunità Queer Autogestita since 2016;
  • Subtitles Team Coordinator & Volunteering translator for the Florence Queer Festival;
  • Mum of the cutest member of the Europass Team, Baloo;
  • Front desk and Office Manager at Europass since 2021.