Frances Osborne

Teacher Trainer in Nice

  • Born in the south of England;
  • She studied English Literature, Language and Drama in the eclectic city of Liverpool;
  • She also trained in Theatre and has diplomas in Young People’s Theatre, Physical Theatre, and Workshop Leadership. This training, as well as training as a Language Teacher, has been indispensable in developing her personable and friendly style of teaching and connecting with her students;
  • She has worked in schools of all sizes in Italy, Japan, and France;
  • She has participated in Educational Theatre projects in Portugal;
  • She taught in state schools, international schools, and language centers;
  • She values inclusivity, authenticity and she encourages bonds and engagement outside of the classroom environment;
  • She seeks opportunities to introduce her students, young and old alike, to her passions for culture, politics art, and history;
  • At Europass since 2021.