Reviews about this course

Thanks to Davide Bassano, this was an unforgettable experience where fun and professionalism were integrated so that it would certainly help transform a teacher into an invaluable player who inspires learning. I highly recommend this course.

Richard Mallia

The course was one of the best courses I’ve attended in my 20-years of working as a teacher. The group was really colourful, full of interesting and intelligent people and they offered me a lot of useful feedback and lots of laughs. I can’t find the words to praise the mentor enough: Susan Gagliano was awesome, leading the group with example, generously sharing her immense knowledge, skills and experiences. I recommend the course to everybody who’s interested in making his teaching and life more positive and inspired.

Petra Skrjanc

Interesting and inspiring, definitely recommended.

Damaris C Valentine

The course was very good and empowering. I strongly recommend!

Hanna Sipola

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