Ayşe Merve Süt

Teacher Trainer in Florence

  • Born in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Teaching (EFL/ESL) from Sakarya University.
  • Master’s degree in English Language Teaching (EFL/ESL) with a thesis on extended wait-time in distance education from Sakarya University (ongoing).
  • Experienced Erasmus+ Learning Mobility in Poland and Erasmus+ Traineeship as an English teacher in Italy.
  • Over 6 years of experience in teaching English in state and private schools.
  • Participated in various workshops and training programs on 3D modeling/printing, basic coding, robotics, AR/VR, and worked on integrating these technologies into education.
  • Content creator, editor, and workshop conductor at the social enterprise Mektepp working in the field of Quality Education, one of the Sustainable Development Goals, providing teachers with a digital and physical sharing environment.
  • Former trainer at Workshop Minizma inspiring kids with Maker Movement and providing them with 3D technologies, robotics, electronics, and coding.
  • Organizing committee member of Educational Technologies Hackathons in İstanbul (Educathon19, Educathon20, Educathon21, upcoming Educathon22).
  • Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and Certified Apple Teacher.
  • Author of the face-to-face courses:
  • Teacher Trainer at Europass since 2022.