Vocational Education and Training (VET): The Italian System (Study Visits Included)

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‘Made in Italy’ is a powerful trademark in a vast number of sectors, but very specific skills and practical tools are needed to be able to create high-quality products and be competitive in the international market. Have you ever wondered how the initial vocational education and training (VET) system works in Italy? And what kind of continuing vocational training workers receive in Italy?

This course is going to answer these questions by analyzing the Italian VET system and its integration with the industrial districts. In fact, VET schools in Italy provide students with a strong technical and vocational background in the sectors of industry, services and handicraft that facilitates access to the working world. After completing their theoretical education, at the age of 16, VET students can choose to continue their education traditionally at school or by doing an apprenticeship in a relevant enterprise.

By visiting some of the best VET institutions in the Florence area and the businesses they work with, participants will get a significant insight into the Italian system of vocational education. In addition, thanks to the sharing of best practices, they will compare this system with other participants’ VET systems as well, allowing them to plan successful learning experiences integrating both innovative ideas and vocational elements.

Having been recently reformed, initial VET schools in Italy now include eleven different curricula designed to better meet the needs of a changing job market, while continuing VET institutions (called Istituti Tecnici Superiori) have 6 different areas of specialization. So, whatever the sector you are interested in, we can arrange visits specifically designed for you. By the end of the course, you will also become familiar with all the opportunities offered by EU-funded programmes specifically designed for VET teachers/learners. Moreover, there will be the chance to make connections between principals and participants during the school visits to initiate future Erasmus+ projects.

Learning outcomes

The course will help the participants to: 

  • Understand how the Italian VET system works; 
  • Get a clearer perception concerning the practical activities through school and business visits; 
  • Make the most of EU-funded opportunities for VET teachers/learners;
  • Enhance the collaboration between companies and educational institutions in order to foster educational skills; 
  • Implement the vocational and training system abroad and how to adapt it to the different educational environments.

Tentative schedule

The schedule describes likely activities but may differ significantly based on the requests of the participants, and the trainer delivering the specific session. Course modifications are subject to the trainer’s discretion. If you would like to discuss a specific topic, please indicate it at least 4 weeks in advance.

Day 1 – Course introduction and intro to the Italian VET system

Course introduction

  • Introduction to the course, the school, and the external week activities;
  • Icebreaker activities;
  • Description of the fundamentals of the education system in Italy;

Intro to the Italian VET system

  • Understanding the vocational education and training in Italy;
  • Presentations of the participants’ schools.

Day 2 – School visits

  • VET School/institution visits.

Day 3 – Comparison of participants’ VET systems

  • Analyzing different needs of initial and continuing VET;
  • Understanding how the industrial districts work with schools and regional institutions in Italy;
  • Sharing of best practices: similar programs in other countries.

Day 4 – Enterprise visits

  • Visit of the enterprise hosting VET learners.

Day 5 – European Union’s opportunities for VET schools

  • Which are the opportunity offered by the European Union for VET school/institutions?
  • Is there any common area in participants’ interests? Workshop drafting cooperation projects.

Day 6 – Course closure

  • Course evaluation round-up of acquired competencies, feedback, and discussion;
  • Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance;
  • Excursion and other external cultural activities.

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