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Videos are an important part of education as they offer the possibility to pause or rewind, increasing student engagement, therefore boosting their achievements.

The question is where to find the right videos for your students?

Educational Videos For Primary Students

1 – Storyline Online

It contains 49 online readings of books, among them ‘When Pigasso Met Mootisse’ and ‘Catching the Moon’. Through the clear readings and animations, as well as an accompanying activity guide, the children can thoroughly explore the books and discuss the plot together. The clips are housed in YouTube normally, but they can also be streamed through My VR Spot or SchoolTube. All the books can be purchased in hardcopy if so desired.

How long?6 – 11 minutes
For what age groups?4 – 6-year-olds

2 – National Geographic Kids

The site has educational games, videos, maps, and facts. It is mostly based upon animals, listing their scientific name, habitat, range, and whether they are endangered. The videos are about the animals stalking their prey or facts in a video series named ‘Weird But True’. The videos are mostly all-around 1 minute long and active which is good for short attention spans.

Subject(s)Animals, Facts about Science, History, Space
How long?1 – 12 minutes
For what age groups?Primary School

3 – Happy Learning English

A series of videos where the information is concise and clear as well as an engaging animation going on in the background to better show what the narrator means, but do not distract the children too much from the information. There are also introduction videos that give a taste of what the main video would be like.

Subject(s)Astronomy, Natural Science, History, Maths
How long?1 – 4 minutes
For what age groups?Primary School

Happy Learning English  (YouTube)

4 – Clarendon Learning

This is a non-profit organisation and designed to be a platform of high-quality education. It includes full scale lessons, but all of its videos can be found on it’s YouTube account, which highlights subjects that are not often covered such as ‘The Story of the Pilgrims’.

Subject(s)History, science, Maths, Reading, Language Arts
How long?4 – 12 minutes
For what age groups?4 – 11 years old

Clarendon Learning (YouTube)

5 – Peekaboo Kids

With a cartoon narrator called Dr. Binocs, Peekaboo Kidz is a user-friendly YouTube channel that is easy to understand and aimed at the younger half of Primary school. The facts are made into a colorful story making it more interesting for younger students. 

Subject(s)Solar System, Geography, Nursery rhymes, pollution, pollination, theoretical situations
How long?5 -20 minutes
For what age groups?Primary school

Peekaboo Kids (YouTube)

6 – FreeSchool

If a teacher would like to go outside of the normal subject boundaries, FreeSchool is the place for them. With an introduction to astronomy through constellations, if children are interested and want to go a step further in their studies, FreeSchool has many entertaining videos that are not classically used in the classroom.

Subject(s)Constellations, Animals, Geography of the US, famous landmarks
How long?3 – 11 minutes
For what age groups?Late primary school

FreeSchool (YouTube)

Educational Videos For Primary & Secondary Students

7 – Teacher Tube

This online platform has subjects that include from science, maths, history, social studies and language arts as well as some tips to perform well in exams. It is made for pre-schoolers to bachelors with a few videos for each subject as well as articles.

Subject(s)Science, Maths, History, Social Studies, Language Arts, Study Tips
How long?6 – 23 minutes
For what age groups?4 – 15 years old

8 – Khan Academy

A very popular tool with students already, it is used to give a brief overview of mainly maths, science, economics and a little bit of computing, politics, and history from 1st grade to bachelors’ level.

Subject(s)Maths, Science, Economics, Computing, Politics, History, Arts and Language Arts, Life Skills, Test Prep for SATs
How long?5 – 8 minutes
For what age groups?4 – 17-year-olds

9 – SchoolTube

The professor teaches a lesson and uses his mouse to show and write on the board to clear up any misunderstandings. They talk at a slower pace and make what they’re explaining as simple as possible, heightening the student’s possibility to understand the material.

Subject(s)Reading, History, Maths, Factual videos (e.g., Guinness World Records)
How long?1 – 11 minutes
For what age groups?5 – 16-year-olds

10 – PSB Learning Media

Primarily based on American History, PSB Learning has 367 videos from the Revolution to the Contemporary United States. It also has other much smaller subjects such as Baseball or Jazz.

Subject(s)American History, subsubjects (e.g baseball, jazz…etc.)
How long?7 minutes – over 1 hour
For what age groups?7 – 16-year-olds

Educational Videos For Secondary Students

11 – National Geographic

This platform is not only for teenagers but for younger children in reception as well. Under ‘Class resources’ in the ‘resource library’ section it is possible to choose the content types, for example video, where they have 860. The following subjects that have videos are biology, geography, Earth science, social studies, conservation, anthropology, engineering, storytelling, arts and music, experiential learning, physics, professional learning, chemistry, mathematics, religion and English language arts.

Subject(s)Biology, Geography, Earth Science, Social Studies, Conservation, Anthropology, Engineering, Storytelling, Arts, Music
How long?2 minutes
For what age groups?Secondary School

12 – Socratica

This YouTube channel goes into detail about specific subjects relating to the sciences and help students better understand what they are learning if they do not understand a topic. It is very thorough in handing out information, making sure they will not leave any information out if they start a topic.

Subject(s)Computer sciences, Maths, Study Tips, Science, Astronomy, Arts and Humanities
How long?5 minutes
For what age groups?Secondary school

Socratica (YouTube channel)

13 – FuseSchool – Global Education 

FuseSchool’s website, Patreon, is not free but its YouTube channel is. They frequently do lives so it is possible to ask the teachers questions, the animations also make it more fun for the students and it’s easy to comprehend which parts are important as they are emphasized through animation or the words in bold scrolling across the screen.

Subject(s)Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
How long?2 – 56 minutes
For what age groups?13 – 16-year-olds

FuseSchool (YouTube)

14 – Bozeman Science

A teacher will talk through the video with images to help the student better understand what the professor is talking about. The teacher will also use their mouse to point objects out, to further negate any chance of confusion. Informative and clear videos that are useful for exam preparation.

Subject(s)Physics, Chemistry, Biology
How long?6 – 14 minutes
For what age groups?15 – 18-year-olds

Bozeman Science (YouTube)

15 – Timeline

These are very detailed and precise videos, some of which may be hard to listen to (such as WW2 videos). Images and videos from archives including actors make them more authentic.

How long?30 mins – 1 hour
For what age groups?Secondary school

Timeline (YouTube)


The examples above are only a few that are possible to find on the internet. It is also important for students to not only watch these videos but hopefully be inspired to create their own pertaining to whatever topic they wish. Below is an app students can use to get started.

  • Vimeo – Supported by Android and Apple
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