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Mobility (Key Action 1) is the most funded Action in the Erasmus 2021 – 2027 program.

This Action provides a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in international training courses in different European countries.

Funding opportunities under Erasmus Plus KA1

Teachers and all staff in charge of school education in primary schools, secondary school and higher education (also vocational education and training, schools for adult education and youths) can apply for funding to run mobility projects to offer training and/or teaching opportunities to staff and learners.

Also, local/regional authorities (local or regional authorities with school education responsibilities) are eligible to apply for funding. But it is important to note that target groups and activities for Erasmus Plus KA1 vary by field.

This Action is divided into two main types of activities:
A Single Project Application: each school can apply for mobility funds every year, for projects that last 1 or 2 years. The application deadline is usually between February and March every year.
Erasmus Accreditation: each school, or a consortium of schools, can apply to get accredited for the entire duration of the new Erasmus Program. Accredited organizations will have a facilitated access to mobility funds, year after year, by presenting just a budget request in line with the school development plan outlined in the Accreditation application.

Institutions from Erasmus+ Program Countries can submit a mobility project application to the National Agency in their country.

Our Courses can enrich your skills, enhance your employability, increase your cultural awareness and help you develop and share this experience and knowledge at institutions and organizations in different countries.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the steps to complete and submit the Erasmus+ KA1 Course Application Form. All these procedures and formal requirements might seem confusing but we are at your disposal with free seminars, and online step by step easy tutorials to guide you throughout the process!

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