A Happy Lesson: Valuable Tips to Create a Joyful Classroom

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The national curriculum of all countries sets heavy subjects and standards with long hours of classes for 9 months! Although, there are many active learning strategies out there teachers still struggling to keep “all” students engaged and interested in their classes, and students are becoming distanced and bored more and more!

This course demonstrates how a happy and flexible environment increases the willingness to be in the classroom, how team-building activities help teachers and students to connect, and how a set of routines builds a sustainable positive culture in classes and schools.

During this course, participants get involved when they take their first steps in the class through 12 games to get to know each other to experience the importance of short games and icebreakers.

There are three sessions and two breaks each day. Each session starts and finishes along with different types of short games, for example, the “3-3-3 rule” to bring back the focus of participants to the class or “orange-apple-banana” to make them move.

Through practical activities, participants gain more knowledge about the characteristics of a happy mindset and establishing routines lead to joyful days. Meanwhile, teachers will practice the 4C’s of education to know and review these vital skills for success in school and beyond.

By the end of the course, teachers will have plenty of mix-and-match tools to modify their lesson plans to happy lesson plans.

Learning outcomes

The course will help the participants to:

  • Integrate and evaluate different types of games and team-building activities in their lesson plan;
  • Identify their role as happy teachers;
  • Understand the risk of boredom;
  • Learn more about how to build a productive culture and routines;
  • Use learning journals and reflection more effectively.

Tentative schedule

Day 1 – An introduction to a happy lesson

  • Getting to know each other;
  • School presentation;
  • Diversity and learning style.

Day 2 – What are the 4Cs and how to stay motivated

  • 4C’s of education;
  • Students take charge of their own feedback;
  • Motivation.

Day 3 – What is happiness for you

  • Happy teacher and students;
  • Happiness exercises;
  • Flow, trust, and creating norm.

Day 4 – How to sustain a happy culture

  • The importance of routines;
  • Routines for visible thinking and warm welcome;
  • Games, ice breakers, the power of reflection.

Day 5 – Looking after the well-being and improve your decision-making

  • The healthy mind platter;
  • Six Thinking Hats.

Day 6 – Course closure and cultural activities

  • Course evaluation: round-up of acquired competencies, feedback, and discussion;
  • Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance;
  • Excursion and other external cultural activities.

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Reviews about this course

Tatjana Surgutskajafrom Estonia
5 stars

The group work activities, roleplays, and emphasis on communication and collaboration were executed flawlessly. These interactive elements not only reinforced the concepts we were learning but also encouraged active participation and teamwork. The practical application of these skills further enhanced our learning experience.

Carolina García Ostbyefrom Spain
5 stars

I greatly appreciated the course's content and the freedom we had to openly express ourselves. The non-judgmental atmosphere created a safe space for everyone to share their thoughts and opinions. This environment fostered open dialogue, allowing for deeper exploration of the topics and enhancing our learning journey.

Bénard Fabienne
5 stars

Europass is a very good way to meet other teachers , share professional experiences and personal feelings. I enjoyed this journey which was too short, I learned only in 5 days what I could have learnt in a couple of months.The teacher is very motivated and benevolent.

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