Anna Mayfat

Teacher Trainer in Prague

  • Originally from Russia, she has been living in Prague, Czech Republic for the last 11 years;
  • Two Bachelor’s Degrees: Environmental Studies and Economics;
  • Worked in pre-school as a teacher for 2 years;
  • Served as a counselor in a vocational school for 6 years;
  • Project manager in the NGO sector since 2017, designing and coordinating experiential educational projects;
  • Collaborates with international partners on various projects such as e-learning courses, educational seminars, and designing experiential and educational games;
  • Trainer in non-formal and experiential learning since 2020;
  • Game designer and LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing game) creator;
  • Certified Lego Serious Play trainer;
  • Interested in sustainability and climate change awareness, games-based learning, experiential personal development through outdoor learning;
  • Teacher Trainer at Europass since 2022.