Customized Experience

Do you need to take a course on a precise subject, or for more than one week? Do you represent a group of teachers with specific requirements? We provide several options for a customized experience of professional development with Europass.

  • Build your own two-week course: Do you need to attend a course for two weeks but you don’t find your intended training in our catalog? Let us create a new two-week course for you combining two courses of your choice. Importantly, you may choose the courses in the same or even in different locations.
  • Course on demand: Do you need to take a course on a specific topic? Don’t you find your desired course among the proposals in our catalog? Please, write to us ( or contact us on Facebook! We really care about meeting your most specific demands, and we’ll do our best to comply with your requests. We usually reply within 24 hours.
  • Language + Teacher Training: Are you scared of having your professional training in English (or another language)? Take one week of language classes before your training course!
  • Travel across Europe: Would you like to travel across Europe while taking care of your professional development? Or do you fancy the idea of living in a foreign city for a few months while training as a teacher? Let us design a study program suited to your needs.
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