Innovations in Vocational Education and Training (VET): Study Visit in Finland


Concept by Pui Ying Law

Vocational education and training (VET) is an attractive choice in Finland.

About 50% of the Finnish youth apply for vocational upper secondary studies immediately after completing lower secondary education.

In Finnish society, general or VET pathways in the upper secondary level are equal in value and provide access to further studies.

The same options are also open to adults wanting to reskill or upskill. Thus, VET programs attract a diverse range of students.

More than half of the VET students are aged between 20 and 60, including those seeking qualifications and technical skills to enter the labor market, adults wishing to increase their employability by developing their skills further, and students who may seek entry into higher education later on.

In this course, you will compare your VET systems with other fellow participants’ systems.

You will also discover the reasons why Finnish VET is highly regarded, including qualified and competent teachers, individualized learning pathways, flexible qualifications, work-based training, strong employment prospects, eligibility for further studies, etc.

You will participate in interactive seminars and visit VET institutes and facilities in the Helsinki area to gain first-hand experience and new perspectives about VET in Finland.

Based on your observations and experience, you will engage in a facilitated reflective discussion to consolidate the insights from different VET systems.

Furthermore, since work life has been continuously transforming and requires constantly updated competence and specialized skills, VET in Finland also aims to support the continuous development of professional skills throughout one’s working life.

You will also explore the opportunities for lifelong learning in Finland and gain perspectives in promoting lifelong learning competence for your students.

Last but not least, through the project workshop, you will take away with you some project ideas and explore potential partnerships with other participants and their institutes.

What is included

 Unmatched Support: full day chat assistance

 Fully Fundable: tailored on Erasmus+ budgets

 Flexibility Guaranteed: easy changes with minimal restrictions

 360° experience: from coffee breaks to cultural visits

 Post-Course Training: 100€ voucher on 40+ online courses

Learning outcomes

The course will help participants to:

  • Compare and contrast different VET systems in Europe;
  • Discover the key values and features of the Finnish VET system;
  • Visit VET institutes and facilities to gain first-hand experience and perspectives;
  • Reflect on the learnings from the Finnish VET system;
  • Build competence to promote lifelong learning competence;
  • Explore EU opportunities for collaboration among VET institutes.

Tentative schedule

Day 1 – Course introduction

  • Introduction to the course, the school, and the external week activities;
  • Icebreaker activities;
  • Presentations of the participants’ schools.

Comparison of VET systems

  • Open discussion: Comparison of participants’ VET systems.

Day 2 – Introduction to VET in Finland

  • Key values in the Finnish Education System: trust & equality;
  • Key figures and features in Finnish VET: competence-based, work-based, individual study path.

Day 3 – First study visit

  • Visit a VET institute/facility;
  • Reflective discussion.

Day 4 – Second study visit

  • Visit a VET institute/facility;
  • Reflective discussion

Day 5 – Lifelong learning in Finland and a workshop for new projects

  • Lifelong learning competence, public facilities, and resources for lifelong learning in Finland;
  • Workshop to explore potential partnership and cooperative projects among participants.

Day 6 – Course closure and cultural activities

  • Course evaluation: round-up of acquired competencies, feedback, and discussion;
  • Awarding of the course Certificate of Attendance;
  • Excursion and other external cultural activities.

Dates and locations

= confirmed date


Price: 580€*

Helsinki, Finland

Cultural Activities

One walking tour
A 3-hour Saturday excursion

OID: E10305408580€*

*A 60 € late registration fee will be applied if you register less than 8 weeks before the course start date.

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