Enrolment Conditions

last update 11/04/2024

The courses and anything published on the website https://www.teacheracademy.eu/ belongs to Europass SRL. The courses are delivered by various Academies that adhere to common quality standards. Payments for the courses are made directly to the respective Academies. Below are the updated and completed terms and conditions for Europass Teacher Academy:

Website services are offered by:

Europass SRL
Via Sant’Egidio 12
50122 Florence

Who do we share your data with

We prioritize the protection and privacy of your data, which will be shared with affiliated Academies within the Europass Teacher Academy network and with the necessary third parties according to our Privacy Policy.

We will share your data when you make an enrolment through our website, apply for a job, send us an email, or register for the Europass Teacher Academy newsletter.

The Europass Teacher Academy newsletter is managed and is property of Europass SRL.

By providing your data, you are giving your consent for us to process it for the intended purposes.

It is important to notice that the affiliated Academies will not present you with further privacy policies or terms and conditions in order to attend your teacher training course.

Service details

Most of the courses published on our website follow the same format, with lessons taking place from Monday to Friday and cultural activities on Saturday.

Classes take place in the morning or afternoon, at the provider’s discretion. The schedule outlines may differ significantly depending on participants’ requests and on the trainer, who has discretion over any changes. If you want to discuss a specific topic, you should indicate it at least 4 weeks in advance as the definitive schedule will be sent 2 weeks before the course.

Participants who attend at least 80% of the course will receive a Certificate of Attendance either on Friday or Saturday.

If a course does not reach the minimum number of participants expected, the Management reserves the right to change the course structure.

Cultural activities

Please book your flights accordingly so that you don’t miss out on the full Saturday tour.

To participate in walking tours and excursions, participants declare they are fit to do so. Where concerns about the participants health exists, the Host School may ask the participant not to attend the cultural activities for their own good.

If you book a two week course cultural activities may be only offered during the first week of training.

Attendance etiquette

Participants are not permitted to bring partners or children to the lessons. Minors; i.e. under 18 year olds, always need to be supervised by their parents and cannot be left alone on the school grounds. Our courses are for adults and any extra adult attending needs to pay the standard course fee.

The health of our staff and participant is one of our primary concerns. Please note that the Host School reserves the right to implement any health and safety measurement it deems necessary to protect everyone’s health.

Inappropriate language/behaviour towards class participants or Europass staff will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to ask participants to refrain from attending the Academy if such behaviour persists. The participant’s superiors will be notified of any incident of inappropriate behaviour having taken place during course hours or during a cultural activity.

Trainer Absence Due to Illness

We understand, however, that unforeseen circumstances such as trainer illness can occur. Our approach to managing such situations is designed to be flexible and responsive, taking into consideration the size of each Academy and the specificity of the course content.

Trainers are required to notify the Academy administration and to provide medical documentation as soon as possible in the event of illness that prevents them from conducting a scheduled course.

Course Continuity Plans:

  • Large Academy Locations and General Topics: In locations where multiple trainers are available, and the course content is not highly specialized, another qualified trainer may cover the topic. The replacement trainer may adjust the course schedule to accommodate their availability, such as moving morning sessions to the afternoon or viceversa.
  • Specialized Courses and Limited Trainer Availability: For courses with highly specialized content where no other trainers with equivalent competencies are available within the city, alternative arrangements will be made. This may include offering online tutoring sessions or adjusting the schedule to compensate for missed classes, should the original trainer be able to return later in the week.

Adjustments for Missed Classes: In cases where a trainer is absent for part of the week but can return to teach on subsequent days, the Academy may extend teaching hours on the remaining days of the week to cover the missed content.

The Academy is responsible for informing participants of any changes to their course schedule or instructor as soon as possible. Efforts will be made to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth continuation of the learning experience.

We recognize that each situation is unique, and we are committed to working collaboratively with trainers and participants to find the best possible solution to any challenges that arise due to trainer illness.

Signing up

Enrollment in a course is subject to receipt of the registration confirmation from the Academy.

The confirmation of registration is a document that shows all the information related to the course and payment conditions.

Without having received this document the participant cannot be considered enrolled in the Academy.

Language level (except for language courses)

Please note that the majority of course participants are not native English speakers. The level of English spoken by your fellow European teachers may therefore vary. If your primary objective is to improve your English language skills, we would recommend for you to attend an English language course.


Payment must be made by bank transfer to the current account of the Host Academy. Payment information will be sent to you together with the Course Confirmation Document.

You are asked to pay the full amount within 15 days from the booking confirmation.

If registration is less than 15 days before the start of the course, the total cost of the service purchased will be requested before the first day of the course.

If a school or participant requires an extension to the due date, this must be communicated at the earliest. The Host Academy reserves the right to cancel an enrollment where no payment or communication about late payment has been received.

Late registration fee

A 60 € late registration fee will be applied for registrations submitted less than 8 weeks in advance from the course start date.

Deposit and enrolment fee

No deposit or enrollment fee is required.


If you are forced to cancel your course attendance due to unforeseen issues, these are the options you may take into consideration first:

  • re-scheduling to any of our courses in any Academy within the next 12 months;
  • any other colleague may take your place and use the already paid fee without any additional costs.

Cancellations must be notified by e-mail.

  • For cancellations communicated at least 4 weeks before the start of the course, the Host Academy will retain 30% of the course cost.
  • For cancellations communicated in the last 4 weeks before the start of the course, the full amount will be retained.

Absences for personal reasons, early departures, and late arrivals are not valid reasons to demand refunds. 

If your Visa is denied, you must send us a written refusal from the authority with the reason for the denial.

Cancellation due to VISA refusal communicated at least 4 weeks from the course start, allow the Host Academy to refund the total amount paid less €150,00, as in administrative fees.
Cancellations communicated less than 4 weeks before the beginning of the classes, are not eligible for any refund.

Course modification

Requests to change course, location, or dates must be presented to the email address teacheracademy@europassnetwork.eu and are at the provider’s discretion.

Refund policies

To request a course fee refund, the sending institute may be required to fill out a refund request form.

Treatment of complaints

Any participant complaints about aspects of the Academy or the services offered can be reported to the trainer or to the email address teacheracademy@europassnetwork.eu.

We will thoroughly evaluate all complaints and, if deemed necessary and feasible, immediately address them.

Alternatively, participants can also provide suggestions in the end-of-course questionnaire, although this may not allow us to intervene promptly.


Participants will be held responsible for any damage caused to the Academy structure. Europass SRL and the local Academies deny any responsibility for the loss of personal belongings within the Academies’ premises.

Acceptance of the regulation

Once enrolled, the participant will automatically accept the conditions for enrollment of the Academy.

If completing the registration on behalf of others, it is considered that the project manager has obtained the authorization of the participants to do so, and that the participants are aware of such action and accept that the project manager acts as their authorized representative.