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The Largest Variety of Teacher Training Courses in Europe

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Why Europass Teacher Academy?

The Largest Variety of Teacher Training Courses in Europe

Europass offers a unique opportunity for teachers from around the world to exchange best practices, grow their skill set, and discover innovative teaching and learning strategies for greater student achievement and family engagement.

If you are looking for professional development opportunities, why not come to one of Europe’s most spectacular cities? Explore landmark cultural heritage sites, get inspired, and tap into your full creative potential as an educator.

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Cecilia Chifufrom Italy
5 stars

The course was an extraordinary opportunity to discover innovative approaches for teachers' work and to discover yourself in the most original and creative way. A great course for personal development!

Bénard Fabiennefrom France
5 stars

Europass is a very good way to meet other teachers, share professional experiences and personal feelings. I enjoyed this journey which was too short! I've learned in only 5 days what I could have learnt in a couple of months.

Daniela Stratulatfrom Italy
5 stars

An extraordinary experience, a very well structured course with many useful examples and a very competent trainer!

Mariya Pachevskafrom Bulgaria
5 stars

An exceptionally well-structured course: a good balance of theory and practice. We shared different working materials, and sources for CLIL. I would recommend it. Thank you for the organization.

Avril Sheridanfrom Ireland
5 stars

Thank you so much for the wonderful course! It was so interesting and thought provoking and has really focused my teaching for the coming year. We had an amazing experience!

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