Shanneth Lee

Teacher Trainer in Paris

  • I’m from Sarasota, Florida, and I’ve been living abroad since 2010
  • Master of Science from Université Côte d’Azur in educational technology with an emphasis on cognitive neuroscience, instructional design, digital ethics and disruptive pedagogy
  • Long-time educator of science and epistemology courses in the USA and China, and more recently of English language in France
  • Designed online and blended learning writing courses for Paragon University in Cambodia
  • Create educational videos and courses
  • I’m passionate about making connections between philosophy, science, language and art in education
  • Creative writing and photography are my passions outside of teaching, and I’m also always trying to pick up new skills here and there, like learning to play the piano and to paint
  • Maîtresse de Langue at the Sorbonne and a consultant for HEC
  • At Europass since 2023