Romain Adami

Academy Director in Nice

  • Romain has extensive international translation experience;
  • Fluent in Italian, Spanish, French, and English;
  • He brings a rich, multilingual, and multicultural awareness to his role as Director of a language school and the Europass Teacher Academy Centre in Nice, France, gliding between languages in his daily life, both personally and professionally.
  • Romain has applied his language skills to interpretation and translation to website design and digital marketing, bringing concepts and products to foreign clients and communities.
  • With language as his passion, he is excited about the mission of Europass Teacher Academy to bring together teachers from across the EU to celebrate, share and continually grow as professional educators.
  • He is passionate about supporting participating teachers in enjoying their stay in Nice and providing them with rich and real cultural experiences in the region.
  • Author of the face-to-face courses:
  • At Europass since 2021.