Lucía Barone

Office Manager in Tenerife

  • Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina; living in Tenerife, Spain, since the age of 7
  • General Certificate of Education with honours in Plastic Arts, Image and Design from the Fernando Estévez School of Art and Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Political, Social and Communication Sciences from the University of La Laguna
  • Master’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising and Communication from the Universidad del Atlántico Medio 
  • Over 5 years of experience in sales and customer service at Language Campus, Language Academy in La Laguna and Santa Cruz
  • Creator and lover of digital audiovisual content, self-taught in web development, corporate digital identity management and international online commerce
  • Passionate about travelling (also a flight attendant), impressionist art, jazz music, pancakes and matcha green tea for breakfast, loves going out to eat and spending time with family and friends 
  • At Europass since 2021