Pamela Garfias

Office Manager in Nice

  • Born in Santiago, Chile;
  • Her mother tongue is Spanish and she also speaks English and French;
  • Her first degree was in Marine Ecology and she later used this qualification, and her interest in the natural world, to move into the world of Ecotourism as a Tour Guide;
  • She also has a Master’s degree from Spain in Commercial Direction of Touristic Enterprises;
  • Her current Master’s studies in Management and Administration are helping her further develop her skills and expertise;
  • She is also the Community Manager for Cultural Outreach and Exchange at a language school in Nice;
  • She enjoys her work and is a passionate communicator with an interest in education, ecology, and marketing;
  • She is an open-minded and creative person who is responsive to the needs of others and is motivated to build connections with people through an appreciation and sharing of languages and culture;
  • At Europass since 2021.